7 Phone Repairs You Should Always Leave to the Professionals


Suppose your phone has been stuck in for a while. You opened Google chrome to fix the issue rather than heading over to professionals. Well, it’s because of overloaded RAM. So, you’ve cleared a few unused apps, files, and internal storage.

Hurray! You saved a few bucks by DIY.

But what if your phone has slowed down due to software bugs or damaged circuits? It’s challenging to resolve the issue unless you’re aware of the internal systems of an Android or iPhone. So, taking expert assistance in such cases is a wise choice.

Similarly, there are a few other phone repairs you should leave to the phone repair technician. And that’s what you’ll uncover in the article.

Read on.

Is Expert Assistance Worth It?

The simple answer is “YES.”

For instance, imagine you’ve dropped the mobile in the bucket of water in the toilet. Although the phone looks wet, there aren’t any external cracks or damages. You used a hairdryer to dry the phone. Now, the phone seems cleaner like the newly bought ones.

But that’s not the end. Your phone gets stuck frequently. You’re unable to surf the internet or open apps quickly. You opened the Google chrome to resolve the issue, but you find a bunch of overwhelming reasons.

Often, DIY activities void the warranty and risk battery damage. So, the wise solution is to take professional assistance. Here are a few other reasons to take experts’ help for phone repairs.

Lack of Knowledge & Right Accessories

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Mobile entrails are tricky to understand. And it’s almost impossible if you’re a non-tech enthusiast. The problem gets worse because of insufficient knowledge and lack of skills to determine the root cause and fix the issue.

Furthermore, opening up the innards of a smartphone requires special tools that you don’t use at home. This is why most people use screwdrivers, butter knives, or other harsh tools that damage the minute and delicate parts of the mobile.

You Might End Up Damaging The Battery Life

The advancement in technology eliminated the removable battery mobiles. All smartphones you use have internal batteries that can be removed merely by using special toolkits.

However, using inappropriate tools damages the battery and leads to poor battery life. A minute wrong move can destroy your expensive mobile within a moment.

Wrong Predictions

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Although you’re an expert in dealing with smartphones, it’s hard to detect the underlying cause of an issue. Usually, the mobile repair experts are trained to detect the root cause by checking the various internal connections using vivid practices.

Since ordinary mobile users aren’t aware of the internal connection, they may have wrong predictions and analyses.

So, taking professional assistance is the best way to prevent unnecessary mobile damage.

7 Phone Repairs You Should Leave To The Professionals

So far, you understand the significance of professional assistance in repairing mobiles. Now, check out a few phone repairs that you should leave to the experts.

1. Crushed Screen

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The heavy scratches on the mobile don’t allow you to view the screen. You need special tools like-new glass panels, glue, and the right knowledge of backing up DIY. Even after that, no one can guarantee positive results. Scratches at the corner of the mobile screen are pretty common. However, if you’ve got heavy scratches on the entire screen, it’s time to rush to the mobile repair technicians.

2. Wet Phone

Although the wet phone seems undamaged, it perhaps causes minor issues in internal circuits. Of course, you can fix a wet phone by drying it with a hairdryer or placing it in a rice bag. But make sure to leverage technical experts if you observe disturbances while using the mobile, even after recovering it.

3. Damaged or Dead Battery

The traditional mobiles had removable batteries, i.e., you can replace them quickly without any expert assistance. But the new-gen mobiles have a slim design and architecture that makes it impossible to remove the battery unless you use special toolkits. So, if you’ve got bloated or dead batteries, talk to the professionals to quickly fix the issue.

4. Software Bugs

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In this digital era, malware and viruses have become a new norm. It’s vital to protect the internal systems of the smartphone by restoring the operating system(OS), restarting, or reinstalling various apps. Yet, it’s better to contact professional technicians to resolve mobile crashes or other issues due to bugs. The mobile technicians recover lost data or eradicate software bugs.

5. Damaged Circuit

The mobile circuit is the most delicate and highly prone to damage. A few common reasons for the damaged circuits are overheating, short circuits and more. Circuit damage usually results in screen freezing and continuous loading.

Caution: Never DIY to fix damaged circuits unless you’ve got a master’s degree in software and mechanical engineering. It can only worsen the case rather than resolve it.

6. Unexpected Damages

Whether you’re on mountain tops or flooding water, carrying a smartphone to capture rare moments has become inevitable in camps or vacations. But the major problem arises when it accidentally drenches in water or accumulates excessive dust.

Cleaning a smartphone is a vital task for long-term benefits. It prevents it from various internal damages too. Remember that if the phone’s innards get damaged, it’s pretty challenging to recover.

7. Overheating

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Overheating is one of the most common issues. You can fix it by removing the smartphone case or uninstalling apps that drain the battery. Touch your phone after a couple of minutes to check whether it’s hot or cold. If it’s cold, turn on or install the deleted apps and take expert help to resolve the issue.


The DIY trend is quite tempting as it saves a lot of bucks. But the minor wrong step can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Another major problem with DIY activities is they’re time-consuming. So, it’s always a practical and wise choice to contact professionals rather than risking your mobile with a few DIY solutions.