Tips To Note When Using A Portable Video Borescope – 2024 Guide

Video Borescope is designed for use in an industrial environment. It is majorly used as inspection equipment to get a complete view of areas that are difficult to examine. When used rightly and performed regular inspections, it will work properly for several years to come. This article tells you more about using a portable video borescope. 

  • Once the borescope tip stops to move in a specific direction, then it will stop turning the wheel. Furthermore, do not operate the unit when it is in the box in all coiled upstate. If you operate the articulation, there could be a possibility that it will cause damage to the unit. The friction can prevent it from moving.

USABorescopes is one of a leading company that offers professional plumbing services. They provide sturdy and premium quality plumbers’ cameras that can easily last for several years to come. Not just they enhance productivity and efficiency but also save money and time. 

  • Always remove the brake or probe lock when the inspection gets completed. 
  • Always examine that the tip adapter or tip protector is properly fitted before getting deployed. Also, ensure that the optical path of a borescope is clean. Also, ensure that the air pressure is mild. 

If you notice that the lens is dirty, then you should clean it gently with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol. Ensure that you wipe the lens using a clean and lint-free cloth. Use different areas of the cloth to effectively clean the lens.

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About A Push Inspection Videoscope

The portable push camera system has a one-inch-long diameter tip and a 100-foot-long insertion probe. The head of the video camera is flexible. It is supplied using bright LED lighting.

A portable push camera is most suited for ducts, drains, pipelines, and sewer inspections. The device is not designed or certified for use in hazardous or explosive environments.

Features Of A Push Inspection Videoscope

  • 7 inches TFT LCD color monitor in the ABS Waterproof Case
  • 6 inches CCD waterproof color camera with eight LED lights
  • Camera with a one-inch diameter 
  • Lens cover made of Sapphire glass 
  • 60° Camera field of view
  • Standard Cable Length of 30 meters
  • Remote control facility for the monitor
  • Rechargeable Li-ion storage battery
  • An inbuilt digital recorder
  • USB port
  • The recording is done in AVI format 
  • approximately 400mm View of Depth
  • 1 Bar Rating
  • One Manual Push Specification Sheet

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This affordable and portable inspection device delivers superior quality video inspection for a broad range of applications. This includes sewer pipes, power plants, sewers, air ducts, piping, wells, and production piping.

The head of the push camera has twelve adjustable LED lights. There is a flexible spring coiled joint for effortless navigation around corners. A Sapphire lens helps resist scratching. A high-resolution pipe inspection camera captures crisp, color, and bright video of the inspection region. 

There is a 512Hz frequency sonde present behind the camera head. The design also features a monitor and added controls that are encased into a waterproof, compact, and light in weight plastic case that is easy to transport. There is an adjustable sun hood/sun shield that is needed for outdoor inspections.

The fiberglass cable has a PVC coating that makes it waterproof. It is available in thirty meters and 40 meters lengths. The reel is detachable and capable of storing the cable properly in the case.  

Furthermore, the control station for the sewer camera offers assistance for probes of varying diameters such as 6mm, 12mm, and 40mm.  Users can get this pipe inspection camera on a rental basis also.

Benefits of video borescope

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In general, you have more possibilities to gain various benefits through video borescope. The borescope is considered to be the optical device that features a flexible or rigid tube with the effective eyepiece on one end and the object lens on the other end. Both these lenses are linked together in between by the most extraordinary relay optical system. These video borescopes are utilized at the time of inspection in certain areas that are harder to reach another end. 

It can be either flexible or rigid based on the tube. The rigid video borescope offers you the most effective image quality and it is less costly than a flexible one. But you have to know the fact about this rigid one is that, it is not having the possibility of twisting or bending, so the object has to be in the straight line. This makes it to be suitable for inspecting hydraulic manifold bodies, automotive cylinders and fuel injectors in a most effective manner. 

The complete idea of the entire video borescopes is that it is having the potential to let you find out the problem with the available device without any kind of dismantling process. Here you can recognize how much total time you can able to save while dealing with the most effective aircraft engine. The flexible borescopes can able to bend and can access various cavities with much more complicated shapes. 

Along with that, it consists of magnifying capabilities to light up the work which is being inspected. There you can find an eyepiece that can be easily fitted with the coupler lens and through that, you can link it to the digital camera and record the images and then view it on the large screen very effectively. 

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Here you have to know the fact that, video borescopes can able to let the viewer see various distant and area or more magnified detail which is in contrast to a cropped, limited and darker borescope optical image. It is also having the potential to effectively reduce eye strain since it is very much easier to check out more resolution images with both eyes on a big monitor. It is also to be noted that, inspectors can able to record various test results and then perform certain instant image analysis and can also apply the multispectrum imaging. Hence you can check the invisible wavelength to the naked eye very easily. 

There is one more thing that you have to consider at the time of connecting this type of borescope to the camera. Here certain functions of the camera will never able to properly work like the exposure or auto-focus features. In case you can test this kind of produces before you going to purchase, then sure it is considered to be a better idea. It is mainly since the camera model will sense the light level and focus via the lens while others making use of external sensing. To avoid this, you can go with a video borescope.


This is a common fact that with continued use, a video borescope will start to malfunction and show signs of damage. By following the above tips and becoming aware of the failure mechanisms can help lessen possibilities of failures, offer better inspection, and manage the ownership cost too.