9 Maintaining & Servicing Tips for Your Portable Generator

Technological advancements have bestowed us with numerous opportunities once only imaginable by the most enthusiastic creative minds. Even though we have not yet realized how to craft a Perpetuum mobile, we have found ways to secure sufficient electric energy even when the power system fails to deliver. One of the most efficient methods to provide energy in areas without it is by using portable generators. To secure an uninterrupted process of electricity supply to places without standard means of powering up, we must take care of the basics and handle the equipment properly even when the tools are set aside. Thus, read the following lines and discover tips for maintaining and servicing your portable generator.

Use Genuine Replacement Parts

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Improvising with replacement parts for your portable generator will get you nowhere, even though it might seem like a good option in terms of savings. Unfortunately, paying less for a spare piece that works almost as well as the real deal mostly turns out to be a bad decision in the long run.

In order for you to not get us wrong, we should underline that you are not obliged to purchase brand-new parts, moreover, we encourage you to consider spending your hard-earned money on second-hand goods if they meet your wants and needs ideally. If you decide to go for already used goods, we also suggest you assess whether purchasing them would do the trick since they are not as good as new replacement parts.

Do not Rely on Amateurs

Servicing a piece of equipment as sophisticated as a power generator should be done by accredited professionals, for they should guarantee the work they do on your machine. We do not claim that any craftsman without a license would not know to fix your gear, but you would have nobody to blame but yourself if their deeds go the wrong way.

Even though one might reckon all portable generators function similarly, the truth is that different models are more disparate than they might seem at the first glance. Thus, not only for the sake of your machine but also for the balance on your bank account, we recommend you only entrust your power generator to competent electromechanics.

Regularly Check the Fuel

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A vast majority of portable generators power from fossil fuels and require additional supplements for the fuel mixture they draw the power from. What most of the users do wrong is that they use the old fuel mixture that has been in the machine for who knows how long, which can be harmful to the generator. If you use motor oil for the mixture, you should be aware that it loses its viscosity over time, so it is better to discard the remaining than to use it after a while.

Turn Your Device from Time to Time Even if You Are not Using It

Power Generators are dependent on the tube throughput, so if the tubes become clogged, the odds would not be in your machine’s functionality favor. The calculus with this one is more than simple since the more you use your power generators, the chances they will become clogged decrease.

We are aware that you might be only using your power generator now and then, but consider turning it on from time to time just to secure its wellbeing in the long run.

Check Your Spark Plugs

If your power generator seems to be in a relatively solid condition but will not start, we suggest you check the spark plug. The role of this tiny but important part is to create a spark that starts the process. Spark plugs tend to get dirty due to the composition of the machine, thus, make sure you focus on removing the potential impurities and start the machine afterward.

Replace the Filters Regularly

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Like any machine that powers on fossil fuels, your power generator uses filters. What you should do to ensure the longevity of the whole machine is to check on the filters regularly. If they are dirty and cannot be cleansed, replacing them would be the most logical solution. Filters are not as expensive as the damage caused by the faulty ones would squeeze out of your pockets, thus, we like to say that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Unload the Remaining Fuel

If you only use your portable power generator once in a while, or you are confident that you will not use it for a long time, we recommend you consider emptying the tank upon finishing and using the remaining fuel for something else while it is still usable. We have already mentioned how dangerous a clogged tube might be, so discarding the leftover fuel mixture might do the trick and exclude the possibility of you accidentally starting the machine with its tank full of bad fuel.

Store Your Machine Carefully

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People tend to think their power generators are indestructible due to their firm composition, so they pay little attention to where they store them when they are not in use. We are talking about a piece of sophisticated equipment here, so we urge you to treat it as such.

Small dirt particles can easily get in touch with the oily leftovers and cause complications if the generator is not protected from external influences. Thus, we suggest you put it in a safe environment free of humidity and dust and cover it to minimize the potential risk.

Use a Quality Extension Cord

Heavy-duty extension cords cost significantly more than alternatives and the reason for the higher price tag is more than justified. Namely, the point of having the right cable is to preserve and utilize most of the power your generator creates. Lesser quality cables lose a significant portion of produced energy, so the longer they are, the more electric power gets wasted along the way.

We hope that the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you use your power generator as optimally as possible. It is of utter importance to maintain and service your machine regularly, otherwise, it might fail you when you need it the most.