How to Print Black and White on Mac – 2024 Guide

Settings on the Windows printer and Mac’s printer are not the same and Windows settings do not influence mac’s settings. If you need to print in black and white in Mac then you will have to go through the following steps as given below.

How to Print Black and White on Mac?

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This filter is used nowadays by many people and many printers support this feature also. B&W printing also helps to simply boost the contrast of documents but as well as allows you to reduce the amount of ink used by the printers.

To print in black and white is quite easy but this task gets cumbersome in printing settings, depends on the printer that a Mac device is attached to.

Here, we will cover two ways to print in black and white from a Mac:

Some printers make this task very easy as you can print in black and white by directly going on the black and white toggle box, then check it to print in black and white.

  • Go to the file menu and choose print from the webpage, document, file whatever you wish too.
  • Now, select the printer you would like to use.
  • Now, click on the show details to know more about the file or your document.
  • 1 printing option: directly check the black and white toggle box and if available click on it.
  • 2 printing option: if no toggle box is available then find the black and grayscale printing options.
  • Now coming downwards select the paper type or quality.
  • After doing this you will see the color option. Select the desired color you want; like white, black or grayscale.
  • Then for sure choose “Black Ink Option” next to grayscale mode option.
  • Lastly, print the document in your desired color (black and white).

Sometimes you can see black and white options under “Colour Options” as mono or “Black Cartridge Only”. This all depends on the printer drivers and the Mac OS version used.

If Options Are Missing to Print Black and White on Mac?

what to do next


This will only happen if your printers do not support black and white printing, then you will not see any options to print in black and white.

If you know that your printer support black and white or grayscale on a mac but you are not able to find the option to print in black and white or the option is missing then you have to look after these steps.

  • Firstly, you can reset the print system in Mac OS or you can delete or update the printer drivers. This can be done by the printer options in System Preferences.
  • You can also download new drivers or update drivers for your printer as well, depending on the printer itself, and the printer manufacturer.
  • You can also use a laser printer which only prints in black and white, but this is a shortcut way when you mostly print text and can live with the occasional grayscale picture.

After doing this all step still, your printer does not support printing black and white then you can’t force your printer to print in black and white.

How to Print a PDF in Black and White in Mac?

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To print in black and white you might be hard-pressed to find an option to do so in a standard window. OSX helps in this and also supports a number of printers. You can still use a straight OSX feature to print a document in black and white in Mac.

Steps how to print a PDF in black and white in Mac:

  • Firstly, press P to print your document
  • Then, open this in pdf menu and select “Open pdf in preview”
  • Then, click on “Export..” from the file menu
  • After doing this choose the color in which you want to print from the Quartz Filter menu.
  • Lastly, save your file wherever you want.

But ensure that “PDF” is used as output format.

After doing all these steps you can open the pdf on your screen, which will display the color which you have selected. This is done with help of QUARTZ filter. This gives the ability to use centralized like plugins and we can apply this on graphic content easily.

This feature or filter is applied to content in the preview when you export it as a pdf, so we can use this to limit colors in an exported document.

Compressing PDF

compressing pdf files

Compressing PDF files can be a useful way to reduce file size and make it easier to share or upload documents. There are several ways to compress a PDF, including using online tools, software programs, or built-in compression features on your device.

For those who frequently work with PDFs, investing in a dedicated compression tool like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC may be worth considering. One more way to do so is by using


At last from above we can see it depends on the printer drivers and filter or software installed in our desktop. If all this done properly then we have to follow some steps so our desired data will be printed in black and white.

As we all know printing in black and white was quite easy in the 1990’s as at the time the colorful printers were not there.