Top-6 Rare Print-on-Demand Product Ideas for 2024

The transformation of the creative hobby of print-on-demand into a global marketplace has allowed many startups to monetize their creativity and to grow in the design niche. Over the past year and a half, these companies have had the opportunity to grow their businesses to unprecedented heights, which many of them actually have done. Although there are relatively few players, today, the global print-on-demand market is highly competitive.

Many entrepreneurs and creatives, who want to launch a print-on-demand business, mistakenly believe that the market is already overcrowded, there is nothing new to come up with, and what is already available is too good to invest in and to try to compete. Sure, perhaps, in order to get tangible profits from printing different patterns on T-shirts or hats, you need to come up with your own concept, because there are a lot of similar proposals. But what if you start offering rare items, or even one of a kind? Below are some of the rarest print-on-demand ideas that could make you successful in 2024. Some ideas we found here.

1. Bathrobe

Bath and tea towels are very common for this idea, however, the opportunity to order your own exclusive print on a bathrobe is still rare. The embroidery of initials has long become a cliché, but wedding motifs, children’s stories, mini-robes for babies from the birth room with their image or a photo from your favorite sea trip can be some of the best options – when taking a shower every morning and evening, you plunged into these memories, which will contribute to additional relaxation and great mood.

2. Baby sling

This practical tool for active moms and dads serves not only as a “vehicle” for children but also as a means of protection against negative environmental influences. You can often see how baby buries his/her head in the sling and falls asleep. Because of frequent contact with the baby’s hands, eyes and mouth, it requires careful hygiene. Therefore, you won’t confuse the slings, for example, in a dressing room or at friends or relatives home, who have babies as well. To do this, it is enough to order your unique print on the sling, and you will know for sure that it is yours.

3. Christmas toys

What could be special about New Year and Christmas stories? Christmas trees, snow, lights… Imagine that you went on an unforgettable trip to the homeland of Santa Claus or spent an unusual New Year’s holidays in a warm country. And then each commemorative photo transferred to the balls for the Christmas tree. You’re right, it will become a real family heirloom, which may also become a family tradition, and everyone, from the next New Year’s trip, will bring a ball. It’s also a great gift for friends you have spent time with. A collective photo on a large ball decorating a Christmas tree or a door with a wreath will be a great reminder of the holidays.

4. Sports Equipment

This category can go viral if you attract influencers and even celebrities. Contests and sweepstakes, where the prize will be a ball (for basketball, football, tennis, baseball, golf, etc.), a racket, boots, a hockey helmet or any other sports item with design created in collaboration with your favorite celebrity or social media star will not stay indifferent to anyone. And, while it is very difficult (and expensive!) to get a traditional autograph, here you give your customers the opportunity to get a personalized image or an inscription from a star for free!

5. Musical instruments

Similar to the previous category, celebrity musical instrument prints are the perfect gift for any music lover. The print can be very different – from a small sticker from to an engraving or laminated coating of the entire surface of an instrument (guitar, violin, synthesizer, drum, etc.). The price of professional musical instruments can be quite high, so if you have not been able to negotiate with suppliers on favorable terms, you can invite customers to use their own instruments.

This may be relevant for local startups, because overseas shipping can also be expensive, and the risk of product damage is higher. Option “Congratulations! You won a design from Justin Bieber! Send your guitar to this address and by evening you will receive it with a print from your favorite singer!” can be so attractive.

6. Carpets and rugs

If yoga mats have long been a must-have category for many online print-on-demand stores, ordinary home carpets and rugs are hardly ever found in mass production. Your clients don’t have to travel far away to Asia or hot Africa to bring oriental and southern carpets from there, if you’ll offer them prints in these colorful styles. Plus, you can combine patterns and materials. For example, an ancient Ottoman design can be printed on a cotton rug rather than a woolen rug, as usual.

This will be a godsend for those who are allergic to wool, or who just don’t want to buy a rug that is too heavy. Wall rugs can also be a great interior design solution, and ideas for its design can also be taken from your personal travel photo archive. Well, what do you think, what will be your print-on-demand predictions, if you’ll add these products and print options to your store?


So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to start a print-on-demand business and creative ideas to promote it. And these are not all categories this approach can be used for.
To make this a rule, not an accident, find appropriate suppliers or consider opening your own printing agency. So you can control the process yourself and save a part of the profit, which you will have to share with suppliers in case of cooperation.

Don’t wait for your products to go viral to automate the processes. Implement a special automation tool, PodZa as soon as you launch your online store. Get inspired by new ideas by exploring the world around us, our life, interests and entertainment of your target audience. Respond to their requests, and then you can grow to a major player very soon.