Running a Phone Repair Shop? Here’s How to Set up Your Business for Success

Setting up and running a mobile phone repair shop in the UK can be lucrative, but it takes time and practice to get it right. Even if you’re ambitious, you can’t start a new business and expect to smash your sales targets from the get-go.

Instead, be proactive and follow a business plan to make your venture successful. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or you’ve branched out into this niche, here’s how you can sail into profit with a new mobile phone repair shop.

Running a Successful Mobile Phone Repair Shop: Four Key Strategies

Inventory Management

mobile repair shop Inventory Management


Inventory management is the successful tracking and organisation of the figures relating to your products. From acquisition to storage and sales completion, track details at every stage to guarantee availability, enhance manual and automated tasks, and reduce operational costs during production.

Sourcing parts and supplies from reliable business partners will contribute to the success of your inventory management strategy. This could help ensure that you avoid over-ordering or running low on vital stock. To protect stock and sales figures, businesses opt for insurance for shop owners, which could give you peace of mind on these processes.

Online Presence

In the UK, e-commerce sales account for 38% of the overall retail market. Getting your business online is crucial to ensuring its integrity and longevity, especially if you’re serious about appealing to a wider audience than just the local market.

Aim to incorporate an online strategy that offers bookings, special customer requests, and in-store appointments where necessary. Your clients need to know that it’s a person they’re dealing with, not just a faceless company. Encourage your audience to visit your shop to see how you can tailor your repair service to their specific device.

Online reviews build trust in your brand, so you should try to advertise these and link to them on your site wherever possible.

Quality Repairs and Assurance

Quality Repairs and Assurance


Don’t be offended if your customers need reassurance on the quality of your repairs. There’s a strong demand for affordable repairs that last – and if customers spend a bit more on your service than the cheapest option, they expect their problem fixed.

For that reason, you should only order quality stock and offer your customers a warranty after they’ve bought a service. After-sales support is also valuable for boosting customer trust, especially if you can remedy issues quickly.

Diversifying Your Services

Lastly, if you only offer phone repairs in your new shop, you might not get enough business to stay open full-time. Explore the benefits of expanding your service offerings beyond repairs. Looking into niche areas like accessories, unlocking services, or refurbishing used mobile phones could increase revenue streams.

For shops in heavy footfall areas, this aspect is crucial. You need to draw in customers, so giving them more reasons to use your services will only increase your chances of making a bigger profit. Remember to hire the right talent and treat all prospective customers kindly, ensuring a warm welcome. Here is an article that will outline phone repairs you should always leave to the pros in case you would like to perform a DIY phone repair but aren’t ready yet.