4 Most User-Friendly Streaming Devices

Cable companies are far behind us and today everyone will choose streaming video on TV. In addition to great streaming devices, smartphones, tablets and computers have also contributed to this. A good streaming device will provide you with a pleasant user experience when it comes to watching movies, series or some other content. With the best ones you will have the opportunity to enjoy the perfect sound and look. Although smart TVs have some apps, entertainment is guaranteed with a streaming device. This is a guarantee that all services are available to you.

So, opt for one that is fast, easy to navigate, frequently updated, etc. If you have not been able to find a suitable streaming device so far, read a few favorites that we have selected for you. Below you will find some of the most popular models that can change your overall TV viewing experience.

  1. Roku

Img source: wired.com

With this device, you will no longer have to choose between price and content selection. When it comes to this option, the offer is very diverse. It has thousands of contents. Of course, you can also access a large number of streaming media such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Although it is a slightly more expensive version compared to some other devices, it offers a lot of benefits to the users. Some of them are sound bar with media streaming functions, streaming 4K video and many others. You can also pair the device with wireless speakers.

It is very powerful and has fast performance. On the other hand, its appearance allows it to easily fit into any environment. He is quite small and inconspicuous. The audio performance is amazing, and thus its remote control has become more useful thanks to the power and volume keys. We must not forget the very customizable interface. If you are having trouble and don’t know which movie to watch, you might as well check out TheVore where you can find a variety of films.

  1. Android TV and Google TV

Img source: techidence.com

After Android TV, Google TV appears as its updated and simplified version. When it comes to choosing applications and services, everything has remained the same. There is also Google Assistant for voice control. We must not forget in Google Cast for local streaming, and one of the novelties is the interface that is more pleasant and visually neat. Of course, there has been an improvement in content suggestions. In addition, you can enjoy great picture and sound quality. The operating system supports a huge number of applications, from the most popular to the less popular.

Many other streaming devices can’t offer you that much. This device does not boast a discreet look, but its remote can replace your TV remote control. The reason is the presence of power and volume that you apply to your TV. It also has a button that allows you to switch to other devices.

  1. The Fire TV Cube

Img source: techhive.com

We present you a streaming device that boasts the best voice control. Now you can execute hand-free commands and forget about constantly losing the remote control. Speak the name of the show, actor, director or app in the remote control or mobile app (Android and iOS) and voila. Your results will appear. It also counts thousands of apps, improved performance, excellent image quality that supports 4K HDR and equally good cable box controls. We must mention that this is a modified version of Android. During the design, the focus was on Amazon’s content. If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, there’s no better streaming device that rewards you like a Fire TV Cube.

The device provides support for external webcams. This way you can exchange video calls while in the living room or any other room. Its design is very simple. All these and other features are contained in a small tiny box that has volume keys, light-up bar, buttons for activating the assistant and muting, etc. One of the better things is the matte surface of this device while the pages are glossy. In addition, it has power connectors, HDMI, micro USB…

  1. Apple TV 4K

Img source: cnet.com

The Apple TV 4 is a smaller, more expensive unit, but retains the polished interface that has made Apple products part of the best-selling devices. So, this is another of the most popular streaming devices that offers thousands of different apps and more. In addition, you will get a new improved remote, high frame rate HDR streaming and multi-user support. It may be a slightly more expensive option than the others, but you won’t regret it if you pay attention to its performance. If you had a previous model, it will be clear to you what you are talking about. The interior has been completely upgraded, and the level of content cannot surpass any other application. Currently, the most popular are sports and similar contents, but they will become even more diverse.

One of the best things is Siri Remote, which replaces the old one. In addition to the regular options, you also get an intuitive jog wheel. We must not forget about other possibilities such as balancing the colors of the TV. You also don’t need a media streamer to access iTunes content. Just own an iPhone or iPad and you will do this without any problems. The look of this device is very simple and consists of an elegant black box. It contains an almost imperceptible LED light located on the front. It indicates that the device is turned on. On the back is the power port and the rest.


So, for serious streaming devices there is no shortage of options. No matter which device you choose, you will have access to a number of the most popular services. We hope we’ve helped you get some useful information that will give you an amazing user experience.