What Is Google Workspace, And Does It Fully Replace G Suite?

Have you ever heard about a rebranded version of Google services? If yes, how do you feel about the newly rebranded version? Did you see more value than the older one? Or is it just the same as the older one? In this article, we are outlining what Google Workspace looks like and the new add-ons Google has made to its G suit.

If you own a business, tools like G suit can be very helpful. It eases the effort which, otherwise would be made on non-core activities. Meetings and presentations are also an integral part of a business. It helps to drive interest to your organisation. If you do not have the time and skill to create presentation templates, it is best to use ready to go business model slides. This can help you concentrate on your key areas.

What is Google Workspace

Google has decided to change the name of G suite in October 2020. They rebranded G suite’s name to Google Workspace with new features and user experience. It doesn’t mean Google Workspace is completely different from G suite, but it added a closer integration between its apps.

Google workspace is a collaborative tool that combines productivity tools, including office apps, Sheets, Meet, Gmail, Docs, and slides, in an all-in-one platform. Combining these tools into a single interface will ease communication between teams. As a result, it will increase productivity. In addition, it also collaborates with business-oriented features to facilitate your efforts. For example, Google Workspace provides unlimited Google Drive storage and custom domains for email addresses.

Why Google Workplace

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When COVID-19 spread worldwide, businesses needed new work platforms and norms that collaboratively combine teams remotely. So, the tech giant announced the new plans on 6th October 2020. Moreover, teams need a network interface to protect their time by sustaining the relationship in new ways. Therefore, G suite was rebranded with slight changes. Yes, it was the after-effect of the end of “office.” Google also announced a new promo code for Google Workspace that you can enable by using a Google Workspace coupon, or you can find it offers your plan with add-ons.

Features of Google Workspace

One of the major developments that we can see between erstwhile G suite and Google Workspace is the new integrated UX. It helps teams to get to each other virtually, though effectively. The all-in-one user interface brings together the video, voice, email, chat, and content into one place. The fully integrated user interface helps everyone working from home, office, on the frontlines, or dealing with prospects.

Google Workspace also allows you to make documents from chat rooms. In addition, it helps remote teams to collaborate on Sheets, Docs, and slides without switching from screens. In their announcement, Google has also offered the ability to preview linked files in Sheets, Docs, and Slides. It will ease your collaboration smoothly since there is no need to open another tab to see or understand the contents. Google Workspace lets you get a full preview of the file as well.

In 2024 Google Workspace introduced its “smart chips” as a way to connect files, people, or events to a Google Doc. It is an updated product experience that makes better communication with colleagues. It comes as a popup displaying the contact information, giving useful indications such as starting a video call or sending an email.

Google Workspace Pricing

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G Suite and Google Workspace are similar regarding the pricing terms. In terms of the lowest plans, it maintains the same price tables as G Suite. The only difference that you can see it in the usage of terminology. For example, G Suite Basic is translated to Google Workspace Business Starter, G Suite Business is renamed Google Workspace Business Standard, and G Suite Enterprise is called Google Workspace Business Plus.

  • The Business Starter is the lowest plan at $ 6 per monthly user. It allows 30 GB of storage for Meet meetings per user with the participation of up to 100 people.
  • Business Standard plan is @ $ 12 per month per user. It allows 2TB per user with 150 maximum participants in Meet meetings.
  • Business Plus is the largest plan for enterprises. In this, the cheapest plan, you get $18 per user per month with 5 TB storage per user. It allows 500 participants in Meet meetings. It offers unlimited usage. But for unlimited use, you need to contact Google Workspace for a quote.
  • Google Workspace offers a contact sales plan which depends on your company’s requirements.

Remember that these pricings only affect business users. Google Workspace has yet to apply charges for education and non-profit organizations.

Google Workspace is not a free service. However, it allows a free trial period of 14 days.

Is there any difference between Google Workspace and G suite

Fundamentally, Google Workspace and G suite provide the same service. But Google Workspace has better remote work features with a collaborative user interface. Its modern features evolved to meet customer needs. As a result, the workspace offers more facility to combine your team’s work than G Suite.

Google Workspace affiliate

You can be a Google Workspace partner by joining their affiliate program. You will get pay-outs based on performance even beyond the program’s baseline rates. The more you refer, the more money you can earn. For example, if you are a new user from the United States and have a new Business Plus account with ten users, you get paid for all ten users $270.

Google Workspace Promo Code

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Before choosing a Google Workspace plan, check out all the features by comparing them. Then, you can see each plan’s applications and benefits in one table. Often at times, you can receive a Google Workspace discount by upgrading your plans with add-ons. Additionally, you can combine your plan with Google Workspace coupons and turn your plan into as much as a discount.

Final word

Google Workspace is the polished version of G Suite. It has plenty of features that help the remote function seamlessly. It is free for educational uses as well as Non-profit organizations. You can work from anywhere with Google Workspace.