How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Companies Recruit Clients – 2024 Review

When did you first hear about artificial intelligence? Probably in one of the many science fiction films, such as Steven Spielberg’s 2001 film “AI Artificial Intelligence.” As you can see, only 20 years ago it was science fiction, and today it is something that each of us has in our smartphone , virtual assistant and so on. Alan Turing is considered the originator of artificial intelligence during the Second World War, but of course it was not even close to what we have today. And what we will have in the coming years.

The progress of AI is so great that specialised software solves the most complex tasks faster and more successfully from year to year. AI developers have managed to make machines that can solve complex problems in fields such as microbiology. While the AI developers themselves have no knowledge of microbiology, the self-learning ability of AI technology allows it to become an expert.

Then we should not be surprised that we are increasingly using virtual assistants and the like. Also, one of the areas where artificial intelligence is increasingly being implemented is human resources. As HR is necessary for the good functioning of the company, AI is used to improve HR as much as possible. For example, some companies such as Zoek are already using AI technology to help create more accurate job matches.

So we will explain to you how artificial intelligence is changing the way companies recruit clients which is one of the most important tasks for everyone in HR.

Job advertisements

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Artificial intelligence can affect job advertisements in several ways. Instead of spending hours searching Linkedin, there are places where you can find a potential employee or new client, AI can do so very quickly and much more efficiently. When it comes to data mining, a person can never be as efficient as AI because AI searches by keywords and many other criteria that would be overwhelming for a person.

Another way AI affects recruiting clients and potential employees is to impact SEO as well. AI-driven SEO techniques are on the rise and allow your job advertisements to be found very high on the search engine, and you know that it is essential to success. So instead of spending hours trying to optimize best as you can, AI will do it while performing many other tasks simultaneously.

No bias when choosing a new client or employee

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No matter how hard we try to be professional and impartial, a person is a being whose decisions are significantly influenced by emotions. It has been proven that bias is not only present in a live interview or meeting, but even the name of a potential client can influence the decision, especially when it comes to ethnic-sounding names.

While we all want to think we are completely free of prejudice, this is not the case. From our first days we have been surrounded by prejudices, whether we are aware of them or not. So instead of just the quality of the client or potential employee, his name, appearance, the way he speaks, his race and much more will also be affected. And that should absolutely be avoided, in order to give everyone an equal chance, which is actually best for the company, because the choice will be made based on the essential skills we need. When we let AI recruit, it is clear to you that the machine cannot be prejudiced and biased.

So you should leave it to the AI ​​to review all the applications and narrow down the choices and also list the real advantages and disadvantages for each client, without subconsciously considering what race, gender and the like he or she is.

AI eliminates nepotism

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Nepotism is a big problem everywhere in the world and you have probably noticed it many times. Very often we have no real chance to get a job or choose a client only according to his qualities and what he offers, because someone, on the higher position, has already decided that a certain job must be assigned to a relative or friend of him. Nepotism often involves corruption, and so the company’s progress cannot be achieved, on the contrary.

If you see someone interfering in the recruitment process, it is best to leave everything to the machine, because then no one will be able to influence the decision made by AI. AI will exclusively fulfill the tasks for which it has been preprogrammed and thus will completely eliminate nepotism during the recruitment of any kind, regardless of whether it is a new employee, client, tender or anything else.

Significant acceleration of the whole process

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Time is money, so any time we manage to save will have a significant positive impact on the company’s short term and long term business. People cannot work 24/7 because they need a break and after a few hours they lose concentration and then make worse decisions. All this affects that each client selection process is very long, because while analyzing all the applications in detail, it takes a lot of time.

But when AI is in charge for recruiting, you can expect everything to be over very quickly. Artificial intelligence does not require rest, so it will constantly work and very quickly analyze all the data and tell you who is the right choice of the client. Or it will do data mining for you, so you will have all the data in front of you to decide, if you still prefer that the final decision is up to you because no matter who advanced AI is, still it can’t have mind of the man. In any case, the whole process will be shortened from a few weeks to just a few days.

Fewer employees needed

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Some will say that this is not so positive, because the number of jobs is decreasing, and machines are taking over more and more. But there is no need for people to do something that AI can do. It is better to assign people to tasks that a person has to do, and let AI do everything else. It will also reduce costs, because fewer employees means less wages to pay off.


It is realistic to expect that AI will soon be present in all spheres of life. From medicine, through everyday life all the way to HR. This will bring much greater efficiency and solutions to many problems that currently plague us in any field.