Benefits of Coding Classes for Kids

What is coding?

A computer understands only binary language i.e. 0 and 1. But to write a code and give command to computer using binary language can be difficult and time- consuming. To make things simple, a language has been generated to give commands to the computer. This language is known as codes.

With the advancing technology, the number of it languages has also increased to make the process simpler. Each language has its own special tasks that process the codes to binary language. Some are used for web development, some for designing applications and, some for creating datasheets and performing calculations. Python, C++, Java are some of the coding languages used now-a-days. All of these languages are high-level i.e. they are designed in a specific way to make the commands easy to understand.

How programming works?

Source code- Each computer is provided with a file extension of the coding language for identifying codes of the commands given by the user. For example- a python language has a source code of ‘.py’. During the installation of the computer software, the program and source code is added into the random access memory of the operating system i.e. O.S.

After writing the commands in the language code, the instructions are passed on to the compiler whose function is to convert the source code to object code in binary form for the computer to understand the users’ demands. This program after compiling travels by the computer where the Operating system of the PC reads and executes the commands in binary language and performs the tasks.

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Coding for kids

Today, coding has become one of the most important subjects according to educational as well as daily life aspects. Earlier, it was taught only to students belonging to the science stream or rather more specifically the computer science students. But with technological advancements, it has become quite necessary for students to learn coding even though only the basics.

Earlier, it was taught only in colleges and universities but recently, the educational boards have made it mandatory to teach it in schools to students as well. Even if the student does not wish to opt for science as their major subject, they would still have the basic knowledge of the working of computer applications and software. The reason for the academic board association to do so is that kids typically have an improved grasping power and learning skills at an earlier age and it would conjointly give them a foothold to develop their interests in coding.

Cuemath is an online website that provides the students from grade K-12 mathematical and coding classes. They have expert teachers and professionals for every subject and provide classes world-wide. They are recognized globally and teach about 200,000 students in around 20+ countries.

They make every student their priority and provide 1-on-1 lectures to students with the professionals who guide them throughout their learning journey and also help them strengthen their weak points. Each class provided by online class is 60 minute long and 2-3 times a week depending upon the grades and performance of students.

Benefits of coding for kids

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  • Need of the time- With the increasing technology, the demand for the coders are also increasing. The people who are experienced in coding are well-paid in many big software companies. These companies create applications and software which cannot be done without the use of coding languages. Artificial intelligence and computing jobs have created a huge market in the recent times and in the near future their demand is going to rise tremendously. This is considered a vital skill in students and people seeking job opportunities in big companies. A student proficient in coding can earn 40% more than a student lacking that skill.
  • It improves creativity- Learning and using coding can be quite satisfying and helpful in improving kids’ creativity. When a child learns coding he/she is attracted with the idea of creating mobile applications and games of their interest. Creating an application requires creativity and new ideas which is enhanced when a kid learns it.
  • It improves discipline- Learning coding can be quite challenging as it is a technical language. When a kid learns coding he/she is persistent in learning the challenging language and doing so also concentrated on the task in hand. Encouraging them to learn coding can also increase their morale and they will be more persistent in learning and accomplishing the challenge.
  • They learn to ask for help- As said earlier, it can be a quite challenging language. When a person compiles a code, there can be several errors in the beginning. It encourages them to ask for help to their seniors or friends who have acquired that skill. Research and collaboration not only helps them to learn coding but also is an essential skill for their teen and youth life.
  • Enhances academic skills- Learning coding not only enhances their skills but is also a valuable aspect in their academics. It makes the kids a better problem solver and logical thinker. They acquire better learning skills which helps them in their curriculum.
  • Positive attitude towards failures- No one can learn it and become an expert in a day. Learning anything new requires time and dedication. It also involves the spirit of trying again and not losing hope. When kids learn to code, they also learn to not give up on receiving failures rather learn from them.

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It should be taught to kids in the pre-school itself. Since the kids at that age are not so conscious about their responsibilities, it is easier for them to learn new things as that is exciting and fun for them. Teaching coding to students can be made fun with lots of activities. It is quite essential to choose the right teaches for coding for kids which is what Cuemath does. Learning coding does not necessarily means to learn the advanced level directly. Basic concepts of coding or block coding can be taught to kids.