6 Common Issues with Internet Providers & How to Resolve Them

Today, maintaining a strong internet connection is one of the preconditions for good business, social connections, information, etc. This means that the internet is present in every segment of life. That is why we cannot allow ourselves to have it malfunction, because it automatically disturbs us. With smart devices only expanding as well as digital platforms, the internet is becoming more complex.

Sometimes a problem can be solved very easily only you can’t recognize it. However, these problems are common and most of them have a very simple solution. In the following text, we will present you with some common phenomena and ideas on how to eliminate all errors.

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  1. Poor internet connection

This is one of the most common things that can annoy any user. Especially if you are working on a project or playing a game, disconnecting can be very disruptive. It mostly appears on its own and while you think about how everything works, website loading turns into infinity. If you don’t understand what happened there, don’t think too much. It is just a slow connection that is a common occurrence. This has happened to everyone at least a few times in their lives unless you have the software to measure your current speed.

Then you will know in advance what awaits you and what the problem is. Slow connections can be a consequence of bad internet, weather troubles, but also the presence of a third party. This means that the data is not only used by you but also by someone else next to you. Finally, you may be a long way from the router. So try to deal with this a bit by checking to see if there are active downloads or if someone else next to you is using the network.

  1. Pop-ups

This is the second most annoying thing that can happen to online users, and it happens just as often as the previous one. Pop-ups can be quite annoying because they include ads that mostly don’t interest you. In the end, you wanted to see something completely opposite and then they suddenly appeared in front of you. We must not forget that not all ads are so harmless. Even most ads have a totally different goal than the one they present to you. This way, they can run tracking tools, degrade your system’s performance, and spy on your activities. That’s why users mostly use AdBlock or NoScript to bypass pop-ups.

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  1. Interruption of internet service

If this happened to you while you were connected via cable or WiFi, there are a number of reasons why you cannot get internet service. To fix this problem as soon as possible, you can just turn off the router. You will do this directly from the socket, and after that you need to wait for a certain period of time. The waiting period does not have to be longer than 10 seconds after which you can plug it back into the wall. Mostly a total reset solves this situation, and in all the others you can suspect bigger problems with the ISP.

Another great test you can do is to get as close to the router as possible. For example, if you work in a room a little further away, try working from an area where the router is. If your connection turns out to be better, it may be time to move the router. In addition, you can try to place it in a higher place, such as a shelf. Place it slightly away from other devices that would interfere with it. Also, don’t forget to visit downhunter.com and check if there is outage near you.c

  1. Slow speed

When we mention slowness, we don’t just mean poor connection flow or frequent interruptions. This applies to the whole computer, because it happens that everything is slow at once. In that case, you should suspect malware that you need to get rid of right away. You will need trusted programs for this. There are many security services you can find for your computer and internet problems. It also often happens that the solution to the problem is to configure a new IP if the old one is faulty.

You can modify it by finding the control panel and selecting the IP. You may simply have a bandwidth problem, which means that you cannot transfer the desired amount of data via the Internet channel. This mostly happens to people who stream in HD, because the speed of the internet suddenly slows down a lot. Try to eliminate this phenomenon by removing other devices that may interfere with bandwidth. Exclude those you are not currently using. Of course, don’t forget to regularly scan your computer for viruses.

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  1. Inefficient browsers

Some internet browsers can be the main culprits of your internet problems. For example, most problematic browsers require Flash and JavaScript. This can significantly reduce the speed of your internet, because you will constantly come in contact with ads, pop-ups and other things that cause the internet to slow down. So try to change the browser you currently have and switch to one that won’t cause you problems like this. Google has proven to be a great option when it comes to Flash or JavaScript.

  1. Equipment

You will definitely face various internet difficulties if a lot of time has passed since installing the WiFi router. Given how fast technology is advancing, a few years is quite enough to count your equipment as obsolete. So, obsolete harder is one of the main culprits in this case. The only solution is to buy new equipment.

This may mean a little more investment, but it is worth it. However, you need to update it regularly. The outdated version will lead you to low speed internet and make it difficult for you to access the files. On the other hand, updating eliminates many errors, improves security, etc. In addition to buying new hardware and regular updates, we must not forget about the proper installation of hardware.

So before you call the support service, try some of our tips. We hope you find it useful.