Do You Need A VPS For MT4 – 2024 Guide

If you’d like to make some extra money – Forex trading is a good place to start. To be fair, if you really want to be successful at it and make sure you don’t lose money trading, you’ll probably want to take it a bit more serious a treat it like a full-time job once you get good at it.

One of the easiest ways to start Forex trading on the right note is by choosing the right platform to trade off of, and as far as we’re concerned, MT4 would be a perfect platform for any beginner looking to expand its portfolio.

What Is MT4?

As we’ve just said, MT4 is a Forex trading platform, but what we didn’t say is that MT4 is actually one of the most popular trading platforms, used both by professional and advanced traders, as well as beginners.

The best thing about it is that it is easy to use, which is why most up-and-coming traders flock to it. Also, it has an abundance of important features and functions, from real-time charts and all kinds of indicators, all the way to EA hosting.

How To Trade Securely And Safely?

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Any market is a volatile market, whether you’re trading stocks, Forex, or you’re trying your luck trading futures. The market will do what it wants to do, and it is up to you to predict it and make money off of it. But, that raises the question – how do you limit accidents from happening?

While we can’t really give you any tips on trading, other than being responsible, disciplined, and well-prepared for the day, we can give you advice on the technical side of things, which is using VPS, or a virtual private server.

What Is A VPS? Do You Need It For MT4?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a VPS?

VPS or virtual private server is nothing more than a computer set up in a special server room. A VPS for MT4 is a computer hosted in a special server room, specially dedicated to running MT4 24/7. Or, better yet, 24/5, as banks close on the weekends.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy – but do you actually need it for MT4? Well, the short answer is – yes. Why? Let’s find out!

Why Do You Need A VPS For MT4?

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The reason why you’d want a virtual private server set up for your Forex trading platform like MT4 is to prevent accidents from happening but also to make sure everything runs smoothly.

For instance, picture a scenario where you get up, brew yourself a cup of coffee, and just as you’re ready to begin your day trading – your internet or power goes out. Or, your computer breaks. What now?

Apart from losing your profits for the day, you’ll probably be sidelined from trading for a few days until you sort your technical problems out. On the other hand, with VPS, you don’t really have to worry about any of that. The server will run at all times, without exception, and you can be sure of it. How?

Well, as you can tell from the name (Virtual Private Server), you’d be using a machine that’s running on cloud computing power. MT4 Forex VPS Providers like will ensure that your private server runs at all times, regardless of what happens on your end. On their end – it’ll be smooth sailing.

Benefits Of Using A VPS For MT4

We are fully aware that most people believe that accidents like those can’t really happen to them. They’ll say that there are no power outages where they live, that their computer is brand new and won’t break, and that their optical internet is super-fast and super-reliable, and all that jazz. So, instead of focusing on the negatives – let’s try and list some benefits that come from using a VPS.

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Limiting Computer Wear And Tear

MT4 and other Forex trading platforms take a lot of toll on your PC or laptop. And, while we’re sure you probably don’t care about replacing your computer once every three years if you make a lot of money trading, but then again – why would you want to waste your money? Or even worse, why would you want to risk your computer breaking down in the middle of a trade, potentially causing you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars?

With VPS, a virtual machine, instead of your personal, physical one, will take most of the load on itself. Because of it, you’ll be able to use your personal computer for a much longer period, potentially saving thousands upon thousands in the process.

Trading At All Times, At Any Location

Through a VPS, you could virtually sit in a coffee shop, thousand miles away from home, while on vacation, and still get a few trades in. Setting up a VPS and an RWD (Remote Windows Desktop) would allow you to sign in to your MT4 account from anywhere on the planet, using any device at your disposal. You’d connect to your personal computer, which is already tied up with your VPS, and you would just begin trading – any place, any time.

Unlimited EA Trading

There comes a time when you amass enough knowledge, and you want to bestow it upon someone else. Well, in this case, that would be upon an algorithm that would make your trades for you. Jokes aside, there are algorithms that can trade Forex 24/7/365, on your behalf, and all you need for them to work is a computer that’ll run them non-stop.

These algorithms are called EA, and they’re essentially lines of code, instructed to trade the way you would have. Basically, an EA could trade non-stop while you’re out and about doing errands, travelling the world, or doing whatever else that you want to be doing. With a VPS, you don’t ever have to worry about your EA crashing due to a power or internet outage or a Windows update forcing a restart on your PC. Thanks to VPS cloud services, it would run at all times, without any hiccups along the way.

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Final Verdict – You Need A VPS For MT4, And You Need It Today

As you can so obviously see – a VPS would be perfect for MT4.

Not only aren’t there any drawbacks to having a virtual private server hosted on a secure, reliable network, but there are actually various upsides to it. From running EAs 24/7 to having access to your trading account on the go, a VPS allows you unlimited and uninterrupted access to MT4, and as far as we’re concerned  – that’s all you need if you want to ensure success as a Forex trader.