How Reliable are Drag and Drop Mobile App Builders

Drag and drop mobile app builders are an easy way to create an app for non-programmers. You can develop free mobile applications without the knowledge of programming or coding skills. Now it has become easy to build applications for Android and IOS devices, and with a single click, you can publish your applications in Google Play Store and App Store.

There are plenty of drag-and-drop mobile app builders that let you build and develop your own application. Now you have the option to save hours of hard work and create advanced mobile applications within an hour. You don’t need to invest your money on expensive designs and developer costs. is amongst the best mobile app builders that let you create applications faster and easier. This application building platform comes in handy and is easy to use with over 100 mobile app templates and layouts. It helps to customize your application with your logo and design it as per your needs. On this website, you can get plenty of features which include Appointment Planner, Calendar, Content Lock, M-commerce, Loyalty Card, Discount, QR Coupons, Taxi Ride, Meals, Scratch Cards, Chat System, RSS Feed, and many more.

Steps to build an application using drag and drop mobile app building platforms

With mobile app building platforms, you can create your application in 3 simple steps:-

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Step 1: Selecting a design for your application

These mobile apps builders provide you get a variety of options and access to over 100 templates and layouts so you can customize your application that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Drag and Drop the features you want to add to your application

These mobile app builders are an intuitive platform where you can create your application within less than an hour without the need to write a single sentence of coding. The drag and drop feature helps you to add advanced features to your application by dragging them from the library of features and dropping them into your application.

Step 3: Publish your application in mobile stores

The mobile app building platforms also provide you with the option to publish your application both on Android Play Store and IOS App with step-by-step guidance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drag and Drop Mobile App Builders

The reliability of these drags and drop mobile app builders depends upon their advantages and disadvantages and the purpose of making the application.


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  • No need to search for developing agencies

The traditional app development process requires you to work with a development agency or hire a freelancer app developer who knows Coding and Programming. But with the help of mobile app builders, you can create your application all by yourself. Now you don’t have to constantly monitor the making of the application. You can customize your application as per your preference. Also, you don’t have to share your ideas with these development agencies, which can avoid the piracy of your ideas and have complete control of your application.

  • Cheaper than expensive designs and developer costs

The cost of building an application from a developing agency or hiring a professional developer can be really expensive, and it would require further expenses for continued maintenance and updates of your application. It is not possible to invest so much money on expensive designs and developer costs for start-ups. By using these mobile app-building platforms, you can create your applications at cheaper costs. Many mobile building apps have monthly or yearly subscriptions, which is not much expensive and gives you plenty of features.

  • User-friendly Interface

The Drag and Drop mobile app builders come in handy with a user-friendly interface and let you customize your application easily and quickly. These apps building platforms are easy to navigate and create your application in a few simple steps. These platforms are usually developed for non-developers who don’t have any knowledge of coding or little technical knowledge.


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  • Limited Features of app building platforms

It’s true that these mobile apps building platforms offer plenty of features but still, what if you need some feature that these platforms don’t provide. These platforms only provide all the common features that an application must-have, but if you need any other feature, you can’t get it. Hence, this is a major disadvantage for these apps building platforms, and you must research the features provided in different platforms before creating your application. If you intend to create a complex application with unique features, it’s advisable to look for a development agency or freelance developer.

  • Promotion and Marketing of your Application

Another major drawback of these applications building platforms is that it doesn’t help you out with the marketing and promotion of your application. The promotion of your application is your lookout, or you can find some marketing agencies for promoting your application which is going to charge you some extra money. On the other hand, application development agencies not only develop your application but also take the responsibility to promote your application to the public. They usually add marketing and advertising expenses to their total cost and promote your application on various social media platforms.


With the help of mobile app building platforms, it has become easy to create applications in a short time without incurring huge expenses. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about app building platforms, then there is nothing to worry about. These platforms are easy to navigate and have a user-friendly interface making app creation easier than ever.

Don’t forget to check out the features these apps building platforms provide before you use these platforms. If you want to develop a complex application with unique features, then better go for apps developing agencies or freelance developers.

The reliability of these websites can be trusted depending upon the purpose of the application. If you are creating a regular application with few common features, then these platforms can be very useful. Otherwise, it’s better to search for good apps developing agencies.