Hidden Features That Every WhatsApp User Should Know

Do you use Whatsapp regularly? Did you know the app has several hidden features? Whatsapp is a messaging app very popularly used by people across the globe. Due to its popularity, the app receives regular updates and the users are excited to send messages through a new edition. Several Whatsapp changes are not known by all users, but you should be aware of them.

No denying the fact, numerous features are already used by the users, which include, disabling the last seen time of your profile, bookmarking the messages received, etc. Such small tricks of this messaging app make it more useful. However, to make the most of your app, you should know about the features. Download updated Whatsapp Version from whatsapp-gb.blog.br.

If you are looking for some exceptional features of the messaging app, this article has your back. We have listed a few hidden Whatsapp features that the users should know so that they can obtain the maximum advantages. Several features are already out in the market for the users, while there are several others about which the users don’t know yet. Make your messaging experience great by implementing the below-mentioned features on your application.

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  • Add a shortcut to a particular chat on the Desktop:

This shortcut allows you to open your messages real quick. If you want to open WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop, now you will not have to go all the way to the browser and then open WhatsApp. You can easily create a shortcut of the particular chat or a group with which you want to contact. If using an Android phone, you need to tap and hold on to a blank area of your screen and when the menu pops up, click on add widget.

You will now have to search for the WhatsApp chat that you want to add to the screen. Hold the chat and add it to the home screen. Only Android users can add chat shortcuts to their home screen, and it is not available for iPhone users.

  • Bookmark Important Messages

At times we receive some important messages, either personal or for work related purposes. WhatsApp allows its users to mark such messages so that they don’t get lost and when required, you will not have to search through the pile. All important messages can be stored in the form of media files when you add a star to those messages. This feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

The users will have to long press and hold the message that is important and then click on the star mark that appears. These messages are easily found when needed under the starred messages section available on WhatsApp.

  • Two-step password protection:

Since you receive several messages from different people on WhatsApp, your app may require an additional layer of security, so that anyone else cannot operate it. The two-factor authentication feature protects your app and messages from potential threats. You can easily enable this feature by clicking on the WhatsApp settings option. From the settings navigate to Account and then click on Two-Step verification.

When this option is enabled, whenever you are required to log in into your WhatsApp account from a new smartphone, besides the usual OTP, it will ask for a security code. It may also ask for it once in a while to ensure you remember it.

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  • Know with which contact you chat the most:

This new feature allows the users to see which contact they chat with the most using this messaging app. You can also see, on which group you share media or content the most. To have a look at the data of your account, you can click on Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.

  • Revert to a message on a group in private:

Did you know that you can reply to a group message in private. Whatsapp allows you to send messages privately in a group as well. It means if you don’t want other group members to see your reply, just reply to a specific person. For iOS users, you are required to tap-hold the message received. The menu options pop up, click on the “More Option” and then choose the option that says, “Reply Privately”.

If you are an Android user, the menu appears at the top of the screen. When the menu appears, you will have to press on the three dots that appear on the right-hand corner and from there you can access the option which says ” Reply Privately”.

  • Stop Media Received on Whatsapp from appearing in your gallery

When any media is received, the images and videos get saved in your gallery. At times, when too many unnecessary photos and videos are received, you may find it annoying when they get added to your phone’s gallery. To prevent the Whatsapp media from getting added to your phone’s gallery you need to do a couple of settings on the app.

Select the Settings option from your WhatsApp. From there navigate to the Media-Auto download option, over here you will find three different options; Using Cellular-data, When Roaming, and Connected to Wi-Fi.

You need to disable all the three available options, and to do this you will have to uncheck the options that are Images, Videos and Audio.

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  • Check if you are blocked on the App:

If you are blocked by a WhatsApp user, you will not be able to see their profile picture, status or last seen. However, if you are in a dilemma about whether or not you are blocked by them, you can confirm it with the help of a simple trick. You need to just drop in a single text message on their chat. If the test message gets just one tick, whereas you can send messages to other chats, it is confirmed that you have been blocked by that person. If there are double ticks then you need not panic.


Whatsapp has introduced several exciting features to provide a great messaging experience. The above-mentioned features are not known by many, and you can be the first one to try them out.