What’s the Hardest Raid in WoW Shadowlands for Beginners

If you ever played the World of Warcraft, you know it can get hard, especially at the beginning. The game has been around for so long that it favors more experienced players as one could expect. This game is almost two decades old, and to this day it attracts new players unlike any other game out there. During the years it had a few major updates, and some bided well with the fan base, others less.

When we’re talking about the Shadowlands, it is widely well accepted by everyone involved. But, if you are a new person playing WoW for the first time there are a few things you should know. For one, as we said, it can be difficult for beginners to adapt. This shouldn’t discourage you like this game hands out rewards unlike any other and it’s worth it for you to stick around. Once you go over the early climb, it only gets better.

Before you decide that this game isn’t for you especially after trying out the SL, you need to read this article.  Why? Well, we’re going to talk a bit about the difficulty levels. If you can’t get over a certain bump, it doesn’t mean that you’re not up to this game. No, you might be facing one of the hardest pills to swallow for beginners. So, keep reading as we are going to disclose to you what’s the hardest raid in wow Shadowlands for beginners.

Of course, we might be biased, but you’re also free to seek other opinions, we have nothing against it. One thing is certain, we advise you not to give up on WoW no matter how hard it gets. After all, and we’re sure of it, the longer you play, the better it gets. Almost five million subscribers to this game show this as a fact.

Crucible of Storms

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This is just our opinion, as we already said. A certain bias is present, so if you don’t agree, feel free to bash us in the comment section. This is one quite recent raid, and thus it is deemed as one of the hardest ones.

The beginners will start playing Shadowlands from the end if you know what we mean. If you are new to the game, start reading the forums, and try to become part of the community this raid will pop out more frequently than some others.

It’s not that it’s the hardest one per se, it’s just that the new players will face it early, and with little knowledge of the in-game world and the antics available and present, they will be hitting into a brick wall. Rookies find it hard to get along and do the task in front of them the same way experienced players would. All of this we said, is nothing new.

What might be new for even players who are here for a while is the Crucible of Storms. What makes it so special? Well, for one, every raid in the World of Warcraft is unique and special, and this one is no different. But, you should know as the years passed on and WoW developed more and more the gameplay became harder.

Shadowlands continued this trend, and this raid showed that even today it can up a few levels. It needs to do so, as the players know to become complacent. With time, their skill increases, mods get smarter too, and this all leads to the need for the game to evolve.

The same thing happens with the characters in One Piece if you follow this popular manga. With each chapter, our heroes get stronger, but so do their adversaries. When good people from Blizzard notice that the players get too powerful, they up their game too. It’s how this world works.

Many would argue that we secluded this one just for the fact it is one of the latest raids brought on. Well, they would be right. This is the principal reason why we brought it out to the front. It is new, so not even the old players can get around it with ease.

For beginners, it is true hell. We aren’t here to talk badly about other raids. We are here to claim that those who are new to WoW are going to have difficulties conquering this one. What makes it so hard and unique is the fact that this raid has two bosses.

What’s even funnier is the fact that the last boss is not the strongest one. No, what everyone should know is that the first boss you encounter is much more powerful.  When you compare the two, the latter is a piece of cake. This is some Game of Thrones turntables situational bulls*it. If rookies come at this issue on their own, not knowing what awaits them, they could be in for some cold sobering.

So, if you’re new to this game, and don’t have a clue how you can come out victorious, we’re not going to blame you for failing. But, we will tell you a few harsh words if you don’t give it your all. To give yourself the best chance of succeeding in this uphill battle, maybe you should seek help at WoW Boost.

Honorable Mentions

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As we said, this is our biased opinion. Maybe there are objectively harder raids for beginners and pros alike, but we made out choice and we’re sticking to it. But, to avoid being hated by the massive World of Warcraft base, we’re going to add a few honorable mentions that could as easily be our number one pick.

Don’t blame us for anything. If a basketball franchise, the Washington Wizards had the luxury to miss on their No1 pick in the 2001 NBA draft, Kwame Brown, so can we. The stakes are at least lower, even if there are more WoW than Wizards fans out there.

Other raids that could be our number one selections for this article include but are not limited to Hellfire Citadel, Sunwell Plateau, and Vanilla Naxxramas. If you think that the correct answer is something else, please, do us a favor and write an article of your own.