7 Rarest Items in WoW

If you have always been interested in WoW, you should have heard a lot about its unique features and exclusive items. With over 17 years of experience in the video game market, it has become one of the most exciting and appealing games ever. At this point, the player should remember that apart from gold and money that are available here, there is an exclusive chance to get valuable items that have an interesting history and can advance your gaming experience to a completely new level.

Before you discover the list of available items and struggle to get some, you should dive into their history and trace back their specifications. First of all, it is inevitable to mention that the history of the WoW game is filled with extraordinary stories of the rareness and authenticity of certain things that can be purchased only at the auction house. However, it is critical to remember that every single player has an opportunity to obtain the desired item without spending all the gold. Instead, much time, desire, dedication, and luck will be needed.

How to Succeed in Hunting Rare Items

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Are you excited to hear about the opportunity to obtain interesting and rare items? Do you strive to track them down and create an effective plan that will help you enrich your collection? Mind the helpful addons that may draw you closer to the desired result. Some of them will not only simplify the task but will make it much more exciting:

  • Rarity. It is one of the most demanded item trackers that seems to be universal and applicable for all the things that may be collected in the game;
  • RareScanner. This exclusive thing scans the territory nearby, detecting rare treasures, mobs, and other items that may be appreciated by passionate players. It is an addon that may be highly useful for trivial and advanced item collection;
  • Auctioneer. This add-on is fundamental for players who strive to be informed of the price drops in the Auction House and other events that take place there.

Most Demanded and Appreciated Items in WoW

No matter if you are a new WoW player, or an experienced one, you will be interested in finding precious and highly appreciated items. Check out the extended list of the available ones from Buy-boost.com so that you know what to hunt for:

  1. Rhinestone Sunglasses. For the overwhelming majority of WoW players, who have at least some experience playing the game, Rhinestone Sunglasses are the most impressive item. In fact, it drops quite rarely, so it may take much of your time to get one. Additionally, it is inevitable to mind some requirements that should be met in order to have at least some chance to get the item. .01% rate in Mists of Pandaria or Cataclysm expansions is the first and the most prominent one to deal with.

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  2. Brawler’s Harness. If you look back at WoW Vanilla, you will understand the origin of the Brawler’s Harness. It is the item Undead Warriors, Troll, and Orc started with. Although this thing cannot be classified as the rarest and the most appreciated one, it may surely impact the game. It is inevitable to mention that the item is no longer available in the Cataclysm expansion, but there are a number of alternatives that can easily replace it.
  3. Chromatic Sword. This is quite a trivial yet rare item that is typical of low levels. It was once one of the most unobtainable relics, but everything changed with the release of new expansions. The Chromatic Sword is still an imprecated thing that is available from one mob. You will just have to park the alt near the spawn location in order to advance your chances to find the item.

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  4. Xorothian Firestick. If you have been excited to hear about one of the rarest items in the game, Xorothian Firestick is surely the one. The players cannot predict its drop, so you should just enjoy the game, expecting it to appear occasionally. Keep in mind that the item is not available in the most recent expansions.
  5. Big Love Rocket. This is undeniably one of the most impressive and long-awaited mounts that features an ultimately rare drop rate of 3.333. Generally, the inexperienced WoW players should mind that the item is available for two weeks only, specifically during the Valentine’s Day period. According to the reviews, it is the rarest thing that has ever been noticed in the game. No matter if it is a sexual innuendo or not, it surely attracts thousands of players every year. Do not get too crazy about the item, but still do not miss an opportunity to take maximum advantage of it.

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  6. Miner’s Hat of the Deep. From the variety of the available items, it is one of the most practical and effective. If you take a closer look at it, you will notice a helmet with a candle on the top. It is also the item that is offered in the Uldaman dungeon, and it seems that it can fall from any trash mob. At the same time, it is critical to mention that the drop rate is exceptionally low so that the players of various levels can access it. Besides, one should acknowledge that irrespective of the unknown odds of the item dropping, it can appear from anything.
  7. The pendulum of Doom. It is another thing that drops from the mobs. It is available in the Uldaman dungeon and is exceptionally beneficial for shamans and warriors. The item resembles a two-handed axe that serves as a perfect weapon. Therefore, if you are a passionate warrior who is not ready to give up a single fight, it is the item you should be looking for.

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