How To Delete Downloads On Mac [3 Ways] – 2024 Guide

Downloading, We all know that word very well. Cause we all download lots of data on our laptops and phones, Reason could be anything behind downloading. Whether you download movies, songs or any other material depends upon you. But the main reason behind why we need to delete downloads and download history.

Well basically its always a personal reason for a person what they want to keep or delete. Well, that was just a brief about what word downloading is all about. But today I am not here to tell you about word downloading and its meaning. We are here to show all the new Mac users that how they can Delete Downloads On Mac. So it’s not gonna be tricky as you are thinking it is gonna be, But yes this one is not gonna be same as windows lappy.

Keeping or deleting our data is totally depends on our choice and the reason behind we want to delete. For some people keeping or deleting data is part of their work and I must say they are really do care about what they want to keep or delete. We all have to understand that, Things which seems so simple and easy are not always the same as they look.

In our case, the last sentence is Turley impactful, So now I think I should cut the crap and give you the best ways to Delete Downloads On Mac.

We know that New Mac users may be in some kind of jigsaw that this is not be gonna be helpful. But I assure you guys that this is really gonna be helpful for each and every Mac user out there. So guys brace yourself and enjoy the solution and way to Delete Downloads On Mac.

Ways To Delete Download On Mac

As I told you earlier that this is not gonna be same as the delete downloading process of our windows. But I didn’t give you the reason. So the reason behind my statement is Mac itself. We all know that how simple and user-friendly mac is. It gives us multiple options for solving anything and get our solutions quickly.

So When it comes to keeping or deleting our data how can they be so mediocre with their users. So for this too, They provided us multiple options to Delete Downloads On Mac with ease. Now we should not waste our time and move to the first way to Delete Downloads On Mac.

Delete Downloads On Mac Directly

Well as you know after reading so far that there are two ways which we can use to Delete Downloads On Mac. so I think now we should move to the steps of our first way in order to Delete Downloads On Mac. So all you need to do form now is just have patience and concentration on each and every step which I am about to give you to Delete Downloads On Mac.


  • In order to do that you need to go to the finder from the dock bar and click on it.
  • Now you need to do is just find the downloads option in the left list of manage page.
  • You can see all the downloads in the right pane, After clicking the download option in manage page as mention in second option above.
  • Alright finally the most important step of the list, In this step you need to select any folder or you may select all of them by giving command +A. Now you need to do is just press your finger slightly and right click on the mouse.
  • You’ll see a box with an option “MoveTo Trash” click on it. And your downloads will be deleted for you.

Delete Downloads On Mac

Alright, so that was the five-step you need to do for Delete Downloads On Mac directly. So grab them use them and Delete Downloads On Mac, whenever you want.

So you got that, now move to next one cause I know, Its past now. Like I told you earlier there are multiple ways which mean there is lots remains for all of you. Let’s move down to know more.

Delete Download With MacClean

Alright, first of all, there may be few people I guess, who basically might be have no idea about MacClean. So Its okay, I Am here to tell you all the things. So MacClean, Well MacClean is new and advanced cleaning from apple to its users. Basically,

It is designed to clean all the internet junks such as Download history, cookies, sessions from Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This one is seriously one of the most advanced features that Apple gave us. So now move to know the steps to Delete Downloads On Mac with Maclean.


  1. To Delete Downloads On Mac with MacClean, You need to run MacClean first and then select clean up tool form the left side list.
  2. Now you need to choose Old and Large Files from the utilities and choose downloads to start the scan.delete downloads on Mac
  3. Now you need to select all the downloads file you can do this by selecting them with file text and file size or you can just select all of them in bulk and delete them at the same time. SO that’s how you can delete all the files from your mac with the help of MacClean.Delete Downloads On Mac

So that was the three steps which you need to follow in order to Delete Downloads On Mac with the help of MacClean.
Visit MacClean-

The Bottom Line

Okay people, Finally we are here after all the words which contain solutions for Delete Downloads On Mac. Well, That was passed, Now all of you need to do this is just follow these steps from both the ways according to your suitability and understanding.

So as I always keep my promises to fulfill your needs, I mean Finding solution for all of you. (Don’t get me wrong! Please). Alright, jokes apart, Well that was the ways for you and your friends and now go and use them to Delete Downloads On Mac.