6 Ways Modern Technology is Improving Home Security in 2024

Technology has greatly changed our lives in every sense possible. We use state-of-the-art equipment at the workplace to facilitate our jobs and improve effectiveness and productivity. We use the Internet, and social media platforms to stay in touch with friends and family, to learn new things, or even book holiday accommodation on the other side of the world.

One of the greatest benefits modern technology provides us with is improved home security. Surely, this equipment has been around for a long time, but let’s face it – it had many crucial downsides that technology corrected. Nowadays, you can automate your home security system and not have to worry about it when away on a trip, and in the following text, we will tell you how you can do this.

Smart locks

These locks are one of the latest products of technology, and they can take the security of your property to the next level. Firstly, you can choose between the ones that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When it comes to the former, all you have to do is install an app on your phone, and the lock’s technology will recognize the device every time you approach the front door. It also means that it cannot be unlocked any other way, so you can rest assured that no one will enter the home. What’s more, in the case of a break-in, you will be notified immediately, and therefore, be able to act as soon as it happens. On the other hand, if you opt for the latter, you will have more tech features at your disposal.

Furthermore, smart locks can be connected with other gadgets in your home, such as lights and heating. They will recognize if anyone is home and manage the other devices accordingly.

Wi-Fi cameras


If you are thinking about boosting your home’s security and want to install cameras that cover your porch and back deck, you should definitely go with the Wi-Fi ones. The greatest advantage of these is that you can connect them with your smartphone or any other device and get the live feed.

It means that you will be able to check on your property every time you want to. It can be very beneficial if you have kids who stay at home along after school or elderly family members. In addition, you will also be able to see everyone who approaches your property.

This is one of the most beloved features nowadays. It enables people to check on their properties regardless of the time and their current location. By installing these, you won’t have to worry about your house when you go on a business trip or a vacation.

Smart lights

If you frequently travel for work, and therefore, don’t spend a lot of time at home, this technology can really help you boost security. What are we talking about? Well, generally speaking, intruders don’t choose a property and break in randomly. Instead, they monitor it for a while and try to learn your habits – when you leave in the morning and when you usually come back, whether you often travel, and stuff like that. The best way for them to understand when you are home is by simply observing whether the lights are on.

Well, today, by implementing this technology and automating all the devices in your home, you can easily scare away potential intruders. You can simply connect the lights with your device and even program them to turn on periodically, even if you are miles away.

Smart speakers

Img source: financialexpress.com

Surely, you have one of these in your house. Who doesn’t? Well, did you know that the latest, top-notch technology allows you to use speakers as another method of improving your property’s security? Well, the thing is that you can program this gadget to detect unusual sounds like glass breaking. If someone tries to break into your home and breaks the window, the device will detect this sound and notify you immediately. Long gone are the days of people returning home after work only to learn that they have been robbed.

Control the garage door

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Besides the front and back entrance and windows, which are considered to be vulnerable spots, you cannot forget about the garage door. Even if they don’t lead straight into your home, you still probably store numerous valuable items in there.

This technology has been around for a while now, and people cannot get enough of it. By installing this system, you will be able to open and close the garage door via a small device, you can always carry with you. When combined with other gadgets, such as smart locks, speakers, and CCTV cameras, you can rest assure that this area of your property is fully protected from intruders.

In addition, it is quite convenient. Having to exit your car and go to open the garage door can easily become annoying. What’s more, we will not even discuss the precious time you will save when running late in the morning.

Sensor detection

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If you are looking for a way to further develop the security of your house or an apartment, you should think about installing this system. Basically, the sensor will detect even the slightest movement in front and also inside the home. Naturally, you can connect it to your smartphone, so it becomes another tool that will notify you immediately if something goes wrong.

Obviously, you should activate these only when you leave the house because otherwise, your device would beep every time you get up. Additionally, you can program them to be activated or turned off by a simple hand motion. This can be quite beneficial if you want to avoid typing in the code in the security system every time you arrive home or before you leave.


To sum up, these are six smart technology systems you can implement and increase the security of your property. Naturally, there are many more tools and gadgets that are currently available on the market, so you should read more about their benefits if you are thinking about installing them. Due to the fact that technology develops continually, we expect that there will be more of these in the future.