Using a VPN to Access a Cricket Betting Site in India

Have you ever had issues trying to play online casinos or online sportsbooks because your location is blocked when trying to access the website? Did you know that a lot of gambling companies restrict access based on location? It can be really annoying when you find an online casino or online sportsbook that you love but can’t play because of your location.

Imagine if you just got a great cricket betting tip but can’t access your favourite online sportsbook because of your location? Not to worry though, in this article I have explained how you can get around this.

Why do some gambling sites restrict access based on location?

The most common reason as to why online casinos and cricket betting sites restrict access for some locations is due to regulations. Any trustworthy and well establishing gambling operator will have a gambling licence that allows them to operate in different markets legally. As part of the online casino and/or sportsbook licence the operator will be restricted from offering services in some markets which ban gambling or are classified as high risk.

Similarly if an operator does not have a licence for a particular market then they are legally not allowed to offer their services to residents of that market. Some well known regulated markets who require a licence for all operators are the UK, Sweden, Spain and Germany.

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Why would I want to access an online casino/sportsbook from a restricted location.

First of all, we suggest that you should always only register with an online casino or cricket betting site in India who is licenced and regulated in your country of residence. is a good resource for the most trusted gaming sites so it would be good to check it out.

We do not recommend lying about your residential address because as part of the customer due diligence process you will be required to show proof of address at some point. Providing false information during this process can lead to your account being blocked and any winnings being confiscated. The last thing we want is for you to lose out on a great cricket tip because you lied to the online sportsbook.

The main reason when you might want to access your online casino or cricket betting account from a restricted location is when you are on holidays. For example if you popped over to Australia for a few weeks holidays you wouldn’t be able to access any of the top IPL cricket betting sites via your regular browser. This would be pretty annoying when you want to put a quick cricket bet on right?

What tool do I need to use?

In order to get around the restricted location settings by some operators all you need to do is download a tool called a VPN. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. What this tool allows you to do is it gives you the ability to alter your device location to any location in the world. For example, when holidaying in Australia a VPN will allow you to set your location to India. This will then allow you to access your online casino or sportsbook account which is registered in India.

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Are VPNs illegal?

No, you don’t need to worry. VPNs are not illegal and most operators will actually be aware of you using one. If you are a genuine customer and are only temporarily using the VPN to access your account while on holidays they will have no issue with this. However, however if you are continuously accessing your account via VPN from a restricted location they will query this and potentially block your account until you confirm the reason why you are using the VPN.

What are the top VPNs to use?

There are 100s of VPNs that anyone can use, some are free and some require a monthly or annual fee. I have created a quick list below for you so you can check these out when you need.

  • Hide My Ass
  • Slick VPN
  • Cyber Ghost
  • Express VPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • NordVPN

I recommend that you download one of the above VPNs and make yourself familiar with how it works. Next time you are on holiday and you pick up some cricket betting tips for free you want to be ready to place that bet straight away. You are guaranteed not to miss out on any of the fun!

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Do VPNs work on mobile?

Yes the majority of VPNs are mobile compatible and it is important that you have it downloaded on your phone. 90% of all cricket bets are done on mobile devices and when you are on holidays you are more than likely going to be playing on mobile since your laptop or desktop will be at home right?

Your free cricket betting tip is likely to pop up on your mobile device and you want to be ready to place your cricket bet straight away via your phone.

Final Thoughts

The online gambling laws in many countries such as India are still in limbo. While some states have allowed punters place bets using cricket betting sites and online casinos, others have outright banned it. It is therefore essential to savvy punters to have access to VPNs as they can then access the betting site of their choice with no hassle at all.

The best bit is that there are tons of options available to you. Our advice is do your research and select a VPN that matches your budget and is mobile compatible. Mobile compatibility in this day and age is crucial and mobile adoption trends all across the world and are going in one direction i.e up!

Get yourself a VPN set this up and then you are ready to go! It is that simple and once you have created an account with a bookmaker using this technology, you will never miss out on placing bets on your favourite sports!