7 Ways New Technology Is Improving Composite Decking in 2024

A lot of things have changed over the years when it comes to composite decking. This is partly due to the new technology that helps perfect this choice of decking material.

Technology has helped create not only the perfect decking material but also the most convenient one for your needs.

And that’s something that we will talk about today. In this article, we will give you the 5 ways new technology is improving composite decking.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. Better Materials

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Technology has helped create better materials used for composite decking. Since these boards are made out of plastic and wood fiber, the choice is usually between wood chips and new plastic materials.

These materials are then processed and created into a single board through the process of molding. Naturally, the better the choice of materials means the better the finished product.

And since composite boards are made by a mixture of both types of materials, we can create a better product by simply replacing these key elements.

Wood chips have proven to be perfect when it comes to this. They’re sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. The plastic materials, on the other hand, are easily molded and can fill out the holes in between the wooden chips. The finished product resembles a wooden board that is more plastic than wood. But they look brilliant none the less.

2. Higher Durability

Composite decking isn’t a new thing. Quite the contrary, builders first used these boards way back in the 90s. But back then the technology was new and needed something else. While they still looked good, composite boards were very prone to deterioration through time.

Eventually, the boards would lose their color, shape, and resemble something dull. As technology progressed and new materials were added to the mix, we were able to fix many of the problems consumers had.

Nowadays, in addition to the wood chips and plastic materials, we add organic-based fillers and minerals to help preserve the board and prevent deterioration. The boards are not only cheaper than classic wooden boards but also more durable than ever before.

3. The Perfect Price

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We tend to perfect things are technology progresses. And for composite decking, some of the benefits for the consumer come in the form of a cheaper decking option.

Truth be told, composite decking is a very cheap decking material. You can expect to pay anything between $2 and $4 for a single board; a board that will look good and last for decades.

But if you’re one of those people that take into account installation, then you’d be surprised to see how cheap it is. Companies that install composite decking will give you a warranty for up to 30 years. You’d also be surprised to find out that some companies even transfer the warranty from one homeowner to another.

But generally speaking, composite decking options, such as www.thecompositedecking.co.uk, will give you a fair price based on market evaluations. And if there is anything we know about composite decking is that it is a very cheap decking material option.

4. Fewer Maintenance Costs

And if you thought that composite only comes cheap when you buy it, wait until you hear about the maintenance costs.

When it comes to perfecting a decking material, the maintenance costs have to be taken into consideration. The costs get significantly higher the more the deck needs maintenance.

So the goal is to lower the need to maintain it. And new technologies have certainly played their hand in making it a possibility. Easy maintenance is a benefit that every homeowner will tell you about it.

For many homeowners, an option that is simple will always be preferred. And that’s exactly what composite decking offers many families.

With this material, there is no need for sanding, painting, or sealing to make it look good over time. As new materials were introduced into the mix, that actually gave the boards a lot more resistance against many elements such as weather, heat, damage from insects, etc.

5. Eco-Friendly Options

People care more about the environment now than ever before. Composite decking now offers eco-friendly options to meet this demand. Recycled wood chips and plastics go into making these boards, reducing waste in landfills. Additionally, because these boards last longer and require less maintenance, they are a sustainable choice. Environmentally-conscious homeowners can now opt for composite decking without guilt. Another great option is flower box inserts.

6. Advanced Color Options

Colors used to fade over time with older composite boards. But technology has improved the color retention capabilities. You can now choose from a wide array of colors and finishes that last for years. UV-resistant materials help the boards to retain their color, even under constant exposure to sunlight. You don’t need to repaint or refinish, making it a more practical choice for long-term aesthetics.

7. Easy Installation

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It isn’t easy to create a deck. While we do agree that many homeowners dream of having a wonderful sitting area that will overlook the yard, the amount of work puts out even the biggest decking fans.

But that’s not the case with composite. For many DIYers, the option of installing the deck by yourself is a project long admired. And for every DIYer out there looking to install a new deck, then the obvious choice would be composite.

This is solely based on how much composite has evolved and improved as technology progresses. Some of the notable changes that will convince DIYers to go for composite include the following:

  • Lightweight Boards

Composite is very lightweight due to the choice of materials. As new things get invented, the industry came up with “hollow boards” that make the job that much easier. These boards are hollow, making them super lightweight and perfect for manual installation. Not only that, but you can use regular wood-cutting tools to install the boards.

  • Easier Fastening

There are numerous ways to fasten the boards. There is the traditional method of screwing nuts and bolts to hold the boards together, but there is another method that is all possible thanks to technological advancements.

Namely, this system of easier and superior fastening is called the “Hidden Clip System”. The hidden clip system makes fastening super easy and very fast. A deck can be completely assembled in a matter of hours, while it could take you days to do it the traditional way.

The way this system works is very convenient and very easy. Namely, you place clips in between each board and connect them. The boards and the clips are connected through the grove where the clip is inserted. You don’t need to do any nailing, bolting, or screwing with this system. And that’s exactly what makes it so great.

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We invent new technologies to make life easier. And for composite decking, we have gone a long way from the traditional boards and installment process. Nowadays, we are left with a product that costs nothing, requires little to no maintenance, and can be assembled by yourself.