Top 6 Apps to Learn English Grammar

Apps make learning English easier and faster. You can learn the language anywhere and at any time, helping you to understand it faster. Apps also provide materials for students at different levels of mastery. Further, they offer diverse learning materials like videos, games, audio, quizzes, and podcasts to boost your language skills.

The internet has numerous English language apps you can consider. Since you cannot choose all the apps, you have to pick a specific app for your English lessons. How do you choose the best English app? Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Reviews

What are the other people who have used the app saying about the app? Expect a similar experience once you begin to use the app. Pick an app with more positive reviews to boost your chances of getting a reasonable user experience. Check for reviews of the best language help apps and resources online.

Expert reviews are also helpful when choosing an English language app. The experts evaluate the presentation’s content and format to determine whether it will make your learning easier. Check blogs and media outlets helping people learn and choose a language and technology tools.

  • The reputation of the Developer

Who are the developers behind the app and its content? The reputation of a developer and content provider gives you confidence that you are using the standard method to learn the language. The best apps have diverse features that will make the English language easier. A developer with a decent reputation will ensure that the content on the app meets the standards expected in the education sector. Such consideration raises the quality of your skills.

  • Features


Each app offers different features that make your language learning journey easy or challenging. The features include lesson classification to accommodate different competency levels, quizzes, and content variety.

Choose an app with diverse features that accommodate your learning style. For instance, it should save your progress to make it easy to continue with classes in the future. The apps should also offer globally standardized and recognized lessons. It should be easy to use. Such features make your language lessons easier and seamless.

  • Price

What is the cost of using the app? Some apps are free but come with limited features. You may be required to unlock content inside the app by paying a subscription. In other cases, the payment is a one-off.

The internet has numerous free English language apps. Do not sacrifice your learning potential in the name of chasing cheap apps. The quality of content must guarantee value for money based on what you pay and the time you spend learning through the app.

  • User experience

Choose an app that is easy to use. The features should be conveniently available whenever you need to start your English language session. Check reviews by past users to determine the user experience. Other apps provide trial versions that allow you to test the quality of service an app can offer. A reasonable user experience will make your learning sessions smooth. It increases your learning pace and mastery of English skills.

Here are the best English language apps to consider.

  1. Babbel

The app has millions of subscribers despite costing $13 per month. Linguists designed its content, giving you a formal approach to English. It is used by persons who desire a global perspective on the language and intend to use their skills at the highest level.

Babbel offers engaging dialogues that help you to master your pronunciation. With 10-15 minutes of English sessions, you can complete a session over tea break and several of them during lunch hour. This provides a convenient and flexible approach to learning. The app will guarantee a unique, immersive learning style that makes the lessons memorable.

  1. Duolingo


Are you looking for a free English language learning app? Duolingo is the best choice. The lessons are simplified and available in diverse formats, including games. It also uses science and AI-based teaching to help you progress easily through the levels. The technology also guarantees a personalized approach to learning.

The content is progressive, allowing you to build on what you have already learned. The features on the app will keep you motivated to study. The lessons are also short, helping you to complete a session during the break. It is one of the market’s most popular English language apps today.

  1. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has been in the language market for more than 25 years. It has built on this experience to provide the best learning experience for people using other languages. The curriculum is also flexible and available in a variety of formats.

Rosetta Stone pools together a group of native speakers to walk with you through the journey. It provides different pricing options that will cater to your budget. Because of using globally recognized teaching methods, it stands out among the best English language apps.

  1. Memrise

Memrise is designed to help with everyday phrases. You learn from native speakers using the same phrases in real-life situations. It also incorporates games that make learning easier. You have multiple language materials in different languages, helping you to master English easily.

  1. Busuu

The app is for goal-oriented language learners. It allows you to set specific targets and use the content on the platform to achieve these goals. The lessons build up on each other. This will enable you to monitor your progress and reinforce your memory. It is a paid English language learning app that allows you to interact with native speakers.

  1. Drops


The app is for self-paced learners. It targets vocabulary, especially for visual learners. It makes language learning fun, especially using real-life situations. With an easy approach to learning a language, this is one of the best English language learning apps on the market today.

Apps work like a perpetual tutor accompanying you wherever you go. They make learning the language easier and enjoyable without having to sit through tedious classes. Pick an app with quality content and structured learning to guarantee the best experience.