Improving Your Paraphrasing Skills with Mac Apps

Paraphrasing is one of the leading practices in content creation. It helps academic writers as much as it helps professionals. When you think about it, paraphrasing is a skill that is taught in schools from an early age.

The point of learning to paraphrase could be anything, be it retaining information, removing plagiarism, repurposing text, or simply altering the content’s tone. Estimates suggest that around 31,000 apps exist on Apple’s iOS App Store, and only fifteen are added each month.

That means it is not only important to find the right apps for improving paraphrasing skills, but it is also important to find the right tool for specific paraphrasing purposes. Let us talk about a couple of Mac Apps that can improve paraphrasing skills in a few ways.

Understanding Paraphrasing

It is important to understand paraphrasing before we get started. Now, paraphrasing is the process of rephrasing or restating an existing sentence, paragraph, or any form of text for better clarity. The purpose of paraphrasing is to ensure any or all the following things:

  • Being able to write ideas in your own words.
  • Improve the content’s tone.
  • Change passive to active or vice versa.
  • And remove plagiarism or duplicity.

These are some of the common reasons that students or writers learn how to paraphrase. However, the existence of online tools and apps rids a lot of people with the need to paraphrase manually. So, how does it work? Let us keep digging to find out.

Tip 1: Utilizing Mac Apps for Synonym Suggestions

There are many Mac apps that provide dictionary facilities. You can find plenty of options as soon as you search on Mac’s App Store. But there are some that are better than the others. A lot of people would argue you can simply Google any word to find the synonym. However, sometimes, Google makes suggestions that are not relevant or easy to use. And also, searching each time on Google will take a lot of time and effort.

Instead, you can use some Mac App to quicken the process. It will give relief from switching apps and searching each time manually. Here is an example of Nisus Thesaurus – a Mac App – showing the definition and synonyms on Mac:

Now, what’s key to understand here is that it is not only showing the word’s meaning but also how it can be used in various instances. You might ask how that is relevant to paraphrasing. Here is how:

  • Synonyms are the pillar of comprehensive paraphrasing.
  • Knowing alternative words prevents you from being repetitive.
  • Knowing better alternatives will help you remove redundant or fluffy words.
  • And it will help you paraphrase easily.

Tip 2: Improve Content Tone

The content tone is one of the key reasons a lot of people paraphrase. It is not just to make the content sound better but also easier to read. But the reason for improving content tone depends entirely on the writer.

A writer could be looking to improve readability, flow, smoothness, etc. However, regardless of their requirement, they can use a good-quality app that allows paraphrasing for Mac.

This sort of program can help writers:

  • Improve fluency of their text by using the fluent content mode.
  • Change synonyms or alter content voice by using standard mode.
  • And be innovative by using the creative content mode.

This AI-based paraphrasing tool can assist in many other ways, such as removing plagiarism or just changing content enough to make it sound unique. This is one of the best ways that paraphrasing skills can be elevated using a Mac app.

Tip 3: Text-to-Speech Applications for Improved Comprehension

Text-to-speech is another way writers can understand what sounds better and what does not. One of the best ways to understand the tone of the intent of any sentence or paragraph would be to be able to listen to it. This is particularly handy for ESL writers.

So, writers can use a few programs such as Text to Speech! Or Speechify on Mac App Store to see how specific text sounds. Then, they can make changes accordingly:

  • To see whether something sounds better.
  • To find words that are easier to read.
  • And to comprehend how something would sound when said aloud.

This could be particularly handy in cases where the writer is trying to create scripts, speeches, etc. Moreover, it can help understand the intent of the text better too. Once again, this is particularly useful for those whose primary language is not English.

Tip 4: Vocabulary Expansion with Vocabulary and Dictionary Apps

Vocabulary expansion is yet another essential that can help writers with paraphrasing. As mentioned before, learning different synonyms is a fantastic way to improve paraphrasing. But expanding your vocabulary is yet another way to become a better paraphraser.

There are a few apps that can help in this case, such as:

  • Vocabulary – Learn Words Daily
  • Vocabulary Builder by Atlas
  • Word of the Day – English Vocab

Besides that, you can use Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, etc. This will help you grasp the English language a bit more and gather different words for specific subjects.

Tip 5: Practicing Paraphrasing with Writing Enhancement Apps

Writing enhancement apps can be used for various purposes. In this case, it could be a paraphrasing tool, tone, or a program that can change the content voice from passive to active or vice versa. Grammar Express is an example of such a tool, and so is Paraphrasing Tool – AI Based.

Then, there are plenty of tools writers can use to practice paraphrasing by enhancing their writing, such as:

  • Synonym finders
  • Speech creators
  • AI text generators
  • Wordsmith

These sorts of programs can help a writer understand just what they need when it comes to using the right words, the right sort of tone, intent, etc. But it comes down to the writer and how they improve their paraphrasing by employing these tools.



These are some of the best ways you can improve your paraphrasing skills with the help of Mac Apps. There are not many Mac Apps that can provide as much assistance as the ones we talked about in this article, such as the paraphrasing tool.

Now, you can try other methods, but using a paraphrasing tool rids you of the need to manually paraphrase. That means it saves time and helps you create good-quality content by rephrasing it profusely.