6 Tips for Employees to Prevent HIPAA Violations and Secure Themselves

If you are an employee in HIPAA, you need to be on time for work. Put in a lot of effort when you’re there, get along with your coworkers, represent yourself well, and so on.

The HIPAA Privacy or Security Rule is one area of working in healthcare, which most other sectors don’t have to worry about. You can also visit HIPAA training for employees for getting more information.

When a single employee violates HIPAA, the entire organization is put in danger in addition to having serious repercussions for that person.

Even your slightest common HIPAA violation might result in serious financial and reputation consequences for the entire organization.

Here are six measures that healthcare workers may take to help prevent HIPAA breaches.

1. Be knowledgeable and educated at all times

Educating and informing every employee on HIPAA standards, and new information issued regarding them is the first step in making sure staff members aren’t breaking them.

All employees must be aware; any minor mistake causes them to face high penalties.

Hold in-house training sessions to inform staff of HIPAA privacy and security requirements. Address the issues they may have. If you utilize HIPAA security software, several programs provide training classes and seminars for your workplace.

2. Keep Mobile Devices Safe & Locked

Source: cpomagazine.com

The loss or theft of mobile devices containing patient health information is currently the most frequent HIPAA breach.

Covered businesses and business partners are required to keep their mobile devices safe and away from unauthorized users. Thus if an employee misplaces a laptop or tablet used for work or leaves it unattended. If it is stolen, your company is held responsible.

Remind staff members regularly to keep track of where their mobile devices are at all times, to turn them off, and to lock them when not in use.

3. Verify the stored files properly

Managing both paper and digital information is a tough task. An expensive error is misfiling a patient’s documentation in a cabinet or storing it on the incorrect computer disc or network.

This happens frequently to employees since they are preoccupied with paperwork.  Remind staff members who work with patient files regularly to pay attention to what they are doing and double-check that they save data in the correct folders and discs.

4. Keep patient information hidden from public

Having patient information visible to anybody is one little way, your business and its employees could be in breach of HIPAA requirements. By doing the following things, you may prevent making this simple yet casual error:

5. Closing patient file cabinets

Source: intraprisehealth.com

Avoid putting up appointment calendars in plain sight in inpatient areas.

keeping your computer screens and phone devices out of sight of patients and guests.

6. Don’t misuse social media

Emphasize to staff how important it is to utilize social media responsibly. The probability of employees breaking HIPAA has grown as a result of social media usage.

Having a firm policy, prohibiting employees from posting any text or images about what occurs at work on social media or even on their blog. It will be the best chance for ensuring that the company and its employees stay HIPAA compliant.