5 Valorant Cypher Tips & Tricks You Have To Know

Anyone who plays Valorant knows about the immense Cypher’s importance in the game—being an excellent agent who brings great powers and utility to the game table when it comes to being victorious.

Thus, as per experts, if you know how Cypher works and how to use his abilities in the best situations, you must follow some tips that pro gamers have designed to help you get all the information about Cypher.

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Relevant 5 Valorant Cypher Tips and Tricks To Help Players

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Here are some practical tips and tricks to help players get detailed information about Valorant Cypher.

1. Use Cages Effectively

Cyber cages are an integral part of Cypher agents’ tactics. These cages create rings of smoke and also restrict the enemies’ movement who are walking through the cage. These cages can be activated when they fall, and experts say they should be planted on the top of the tripwire. When the tripwire breaks, you can activate the cage to restrict the enemies’ vision and surprise them.

Also, you hear sounds when an enemy walks through the cage. Once you hear the sound, shooting at the cage’s edge is advisable. This is the point of the cage where the enemies usually hang and will get sure shot results.

2. Do Not Place Traps At the Entrance Only

Trapwires are counted as one of the best abilities of Valorant Cypher. Players place these tripwires immediately next to the barriers, causing the site’s entrance to be attacked.

However, players must remember that when you place these tripwires at the entrances, you make them quite visible. The enemy can easily see and catch them and destroy these traps.

Thus, placing these tripwires under an angle on either Icebox or Ascent is advisable. Also, it is better to avoid putting your traps in the same locations repeatedly, as this makes them easily recognizable.

3. Understand Your Maps Well

Similar to any other game, it is imperative to know your map well if you desire to make the most of your agents’ abilities, especially Valorant Cypher. If you are unaware of the map’s details, it may be easy for the enemy to target you as Cypher and kill you mercilessly.

Also, knowing the map well ensures that you know about all the loopholes and the strong points of the map that you, as Cypher, can use to the best of your knowledge.

4. Use Minimap Intelligently

Another tip to get success in the game is to use the minimap. The minimap will show the enemy even if you are not looking at them through your Spycam. You will get a brief question mark on your enemy’s minimap, alerting your teammates.

Thus, using the minimap intelligently with Cypher’s Spycam can work as a beautiful tool in the game. Also, if you keep looking at the minimap occasionally, it can help you find the enemies you may have missed otherwise.

5. Placement of Spycam is Important

It is always advisable to place Spycams in locations that offer a clear vision of all the essential locations for gathering information about your enemies. These locations can be corners, doorways, and different objective locations.

Now, players need to use the Spycam at the perfect time to make the best of the Spycam. For example, players can use the Spycam to know about the enemies’ rotations or to distract them. At the same time, their team members plan to take control over a particular area.

Source: pinterest.com

Final Words

Valorant Cypher is a brilliant and robust agent who can help you earn many points while offering ample information about your enemies. Knowing about the whereabouts of your enemies lends a helping hand in catching hold of your enemies in traps. Also, his gadgets can be quickly repossessed to adapt to the changing game.

The need remains for detailed information about how and in which situation to use Cypher. This is where the tips mentioned above come into the picture, which can assist you in getting an edge in the game. Happy playing Valorant Cypher!