7 Apps to Help You Stay in Shape When Your Work Desk Job

Obesity is one the most common modern illnesses of the 21st century and people tend to gain weight not only because they have unhealthy eating habits but also because they fail to find time to visit the gym as much as they need to. Putting on a little bit of extra weight is not the only issue people who spend their working hours at a desk face, moreover, they experience problems with their posture and have additional spine issues caused by their working environment. Nowadays it is common to use apps to enhance the quality of life, so comes as no surprise that you can use this commodity to stay in shape when you work your desk job, thus, read the following lines and see which one will help you reach your goal most optimally.

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Fix Posture

We will start with the basics. Although “Fix Posture” is not an app but a website, it proves to be a superb tool you can use while you are at your office desk. The way it will keep your back straight is as simple as it gets since it uses your web camera to track your motion and monitors your posture while you sit in front of your laptop. By allowing the website to access your webcam, the AI engages and follows the contours of your body eventually letting you know if you are doing anything wrong. Namely, the webpage will remind you to check how you are doing if you keep the tab open once in an hour and it will appear cloudy if you are doing anything wrong. Ignore the poor grammar on the website and focus on keeping your back straight.

Workout Trainer by Skimble

When we talk about all-around apps that will get you in shape in no time, Workout Trainer definitely deserves a place on our list. Surely, you need to do what the app tells you if you think of accomplishing anything. Why this app is special is because it provides you with a decent number of various exercises for both the office setting and the gym. What is especially worth mentioning is that there are desk exercises of various difficulties in the app so expect to break a sweat with this one.

Office Yoga

If you think yoga is great but you have not really found time to try it in your free time, your office might be the perfect place to learn some cool moves. If you choose Office Yoga MD, you will be provided with materials that will teach you how to improve your posture and increase flexibility which is hardly imaginable when you consider the setting where you want to practice. Apart from the posture, the lite version of the app offers pieces of advice on how to correctly hold your neck and adequately position your head in order not to feel tired after a working day. While apps can help you keep fit up to a certain level, achieving something more with your body type requires both extra effort and professional assistance, so you might want to check fitnessequipmentreviews.com and gather additional info on how to transform your body to its best possible version.

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Although people want to sculpture their figure, they are not really sure what they want and how they want it, therefore, they often give up on their ideas before even trying them out. That is precisely what this app will prevent you from doing. Namely, Office-fit provides you with an option of choosing your own set of exercises by choosing what you want to do and whether you want to do it in a standing fashion or you rather prefer sitting. Depending on the data you provided, the app presents you with a particular exercise.

Break Time

Certain people like to have everything they do under control, but still, fail to break the routine and take a break from working. That is why break time is ideal for planning your schedule upfront and organizing your workday for the most optimal results, regarding both your body and your job. It alarms you when and for how long you need to take a break from sitting so you can either follow recommended patterns or customize your plan of staying active while at the office.

Stretching Exercises – Flexibility Training

The main thing that costs your body as much as it does while you are at your workplace is the absence of adequate movement. If you were spending your energy both on physical and mental activities rather than solely burning your calories by powering your brain activity, the chance that you would suffer less from neck and back issues is major. That is why you should try Stretching Exercises – Flexibility Training app that will provide you with an adequate set of workouts ideal for your cause. Namely, exercises last as much as five minutes and if you are persistent enough, you will forget about the stiffness caused by sitting at your work desk in no time.

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This app is designed for both Windows and Mac and it is designed to help you track how much time you spend on your computer without having a break. When the time you set manually passes, you are reminded to step away from the desk and the app redirects you to its official webpage. That is where the fun starts since the page is full of different activities you can do while you are not focused on your job. To clear your thoughts of the boring routine is as significant as physical activity, that is why you should consider trying Awareness out.

Hopefully, you have found the app or even several that will satisfy your wants and needs and improve the quality of time you spend at the office. Even though it might sound illogical, breaking your work routine with quality activities can raise your productivity, and that is exactly what the aforementioned apps can help you acquire. Not only that you will be able to stay in shape while using the apps mentioned above but you will also clear your thoughts and enjoy your days at the office even more.