How To Run Your Social Media Effectively Without a Social Media Team

Your social media channels are among the most effective marketing and sales assets your business has. Happily, they are also one of your most affordable ones, since you can sign up on most platforms for free.

But that doesn’t mean managing them comes without any cost. Running all the social media channels for a business isn’t as easy as many try to make it sound. In reality, it could very well be a full-time job.

Unfortunately, your operation might not be in the position where it can hire a new employee to flesh out its marketing team. If you’re in this position, you’re certainly not alone. Thousands of single-member LLCs are formed every year, which means these business owners are having to run their show solo.

Managing your business these days includes handling your social media accounts. If you don’t have an effective strategy for it, you could be wasting time and ultimately throwing money out the window; your time could have been better used elsewhere.

We’re here to provide some insight into how to ramp up your stagnant and ineffective social media platforms when you’re a one-person business owner. Let’s get started.

Perform an Audit of Your Social Media Accounts

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Before you make any changes, you’ll want to take a look at each social media account you currently run. You won’t know how to fix anything until you know what isn’t working.

According to, a digital marketing firm that specializes in content strategy, it’s crucial first thing to identify which of your social networks are performing the best. You can do this by going into your analytics and determining the follower counts, engagement metrics, traffic, and other relevant data.

If you’re unable to retrieve this information, you now know the first thing you have to fix. There’s a difference on all social media platforms between a personal and business account.

Say you’ve created an Instagram profile for your business. If you only created a personal account, you won’t have any access to essential information that will be critical for designing your strategy. You want to make sure you go into your settings and switch your profile to a business or creator profile.

Each social media platform has its own way of setting up a business profile. Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, offer business-specific pages.

Pinterest, in contrast, allows you to connect your profile directly to your website once you’ve switched your site to a business page. This verifies your pins and promotes your company as a trustworthy source of information.

There are several other facets to performing a social media audit. If you’re not sure where to start, do a quick online search. Tons of free templates and tools can help you figure out the precise information you’ll want to know as you perform an audit.

Curate Quality Content

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We can’t express how vital it is to create quality content on your social media channels. This will require extra work, but there are ways to save a significant amount of time and get the job done.

A really great hack is to repurpose older social media content you’ve already posted. It’s more than likely much of your audience won’t recall something you shared several months or more in the past, and of course your newer followers will never have seen it before.

This is a great opportunity to put those analytics and metrics into practice. Identify which content performed well in the last two or three months and share the content again. Switch up the wording a little or substitute a short video for an old photo.

If you’re new to social media and your accounts haven’t accumulated a store of older content, then take this opportunity to get started on the right track. Think about what your potential audience could be searching for online. You can set yourself up to become an industry leader if you give them the answers they need.

Here’s an example. Say you’re an accountant and you’ve started your own business. It might sound a little dry to talk about accounting to your audience. This is your opportunity to devise creative ways to teach potential new clients about the things they crave answers for.

Create a Reel on Instagram about the mistakes people make if they decide not to hire a CPA to handle their small business tax issues. Post on your Facebook story a helpful tip to save money on their end-of-year taxes.

As we said, it’s about getting creative with the wealth of knowledge and information you already possess.

Schedule Your Content for Each Platform

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Every social media platform is unique. Each has its own photo dimensions and video length requirements. Some are more interested in short headlines with limited characters while others encourage lengthier articles.

If you have to manage your multiple social media channels, you’ll want to find ways to streamline the scheduling process and manage your time better. Planoly is a content-planning and scheduling platform that specifically formats content for Instagram. This is a great tool to use if you have only that one account. But the odds are this isn’t the case for your business.

Platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer enable you to prepare for multiple different channels and schedule for them at once. Their basic membership options are free, but this limits the number of social networks you can schedule for, as well as how many posts you can upload at a time.

The pricing for these platforms will vary, depending on your needs, but in general they aren’t particularly expensive, especially since they can save substantial time over the long run.

Manage Your Time Wisely

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We wouldn’t expect you to handle every aspect of your business perfectly. If you’re one person trying to wear multiple hats, it’s easy to have some tasks fall on the back burner.

One of those things that should always be at the top of your priority list in terms of time management is the well-being of solitary member of your team; that is, you.

If you aren’t managing your time with your business effectively, you may not be managing time for yourself well, either. Maintaining a solid work-life balance, even when you own a small business, is crucial. Poor mental and physical health won’t allow you to show up for your business the way it needs you to.

If you find yourself in a bad position with regard to time and physical well-being, it might be worth looking into outsourcing your social media management. Depending on the type of product, service or even marketing an app, social media agencies can take care of the whole process. This is a great alternative if you aren’t financially situated to hire an extra employee to help out.

Streamlining Social Media with AI

In the demanding digital era, businesses must manage their social media efficiently. Especially for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners, where time is gold, managing multiple platforms feels daunting. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the key to mastering efficient social media management.

AI doesn’t just simplify; it optimizes. It helps in crafting content, scheduling posts, and diving deep into data analytics. For instance, AI-driven content generators curate engaging posts aligned with user trends and your brand’s voice, reducing manual effort and time.

Moreover, with AI, you’re not just posting; you’re strategically positioning. Platforms now gauge the best times to share content, adjusting in real-time based on engagement, ensuring your posts have maximum impact.

But it doesn’t stop at posting. AI’s analytic prowess offers insights into audience preferences, allowing you to tailor your strategy. It keeps tabs on trending topics, evaluates your campaigns, and even peers into competitor actions, arming you with a competitive advantage.

In short, with AI by your side, you’re not just present on social media; you’re dynamically active. It lets you return to your primary focus: growing your business, while ensuring your online presence is impactful and time-efficient.

That would free up more of your time to devote to other parts of your business where you really thrive, and still have enough time to take care of yourself in the process.

To level up your time management, many top social media managers are utilizing AI writers according to SaaStopia.